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A Mate Beyond Their Reach by Scarlet Hyacinth
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Oct 24, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: shifter, menage, 2011, m-m, parent

"3.5" in way of being generous.

The style of writing wasn't bad, just short and abrupt. Things happened, but there just wasn't much fleshing to the story. He went here. He said this. This person cried because of. He felt bad. He left.
The sentences weren't short like that, but that was teh general impression - action without substance. I would have loved for it to have been more detailed and allowed us to get to know each character a bit more.

The story was interesting but again, sparse. Because it wasn't detailed out a little more, what *was* given tended to be easily confusing, unless you re-read certain paragraphs multiple times which, after a bit, just got annoying.

There were inconsistent details too, which bugged me. A lot was left floundering without explanation, or without a *satisfying* explanation. the first and foremost that sticks in mind is Val - who is apparently several hundred years old and tells his mates as much. Only, no one is shocked at this, especially Drew, the human who just found out werewolves exist? There's no, 'oh crap, he's going to outlive me' moment, no hesitation in trying to consider What This Means.
We never find out how old Trent really is, and nothing more is said of Val's age or their aging process until the very end, when its mentioned how Drew's aging process was slowed 'to immortality, or at least an extremely long life span'.

Then Drew's son, who is repeatedly states is a teenager, but who is apparently the mildest, most loving and innocent and easy-going teen alive. Who never argues. Who actually listens when his dad says, "you're not a little boy anymore, you can be brave for me." Even when reading it, I was like - seriously? My kid is 6 and if I said something like that to him, or if he was around for some of the things that happened, he'd be arguing back or scared to death or at the very least not just merrily accepting an 'I'll explain later' excuse.

Also the feral wolves - apparently they can shapeshift into wolves, but they had once been human? That makes no sense. If a spirit wolf had bitten another spirit wolf, they would be okay. But in biting a human, the human became feral so ... they then morphed into another form of wolf?
Okay, I can *kind* of accept that. But when Drew was bitten, he never turned into a wolf. There was never even any mention that he *would* turn into a wolf. So ... huh?

Continuity issues, I guess.
So I liked it, but when I contemplated reading the second novel directly after the first, I was hesitant to do so. Maybe a short break, another few novels in between, and the continuity issues won't bother me as much, if they continue in the next novel.
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