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Equinox Whispers of Destiny by Gonzalo Guma
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I’ve been in Equinox, nothing is normal to me.
I had a tough time getting into this book - mostly because the main character (Tomas) made a terrible first impression. He starts by admiring A) himself, B) his personality and C) his raging success with women.
He knew why a girl in her late twenties was very interested in him, after all, he was what they called “a very good catch”. He was good-looking, wealthy, youthful...
I was rolling my eyes so hard at this - Tomas is 41 years old. After a chapter or two of him acting like he's a frat boy trying to score with as many women as possible, I was ready to put this down. The women didn't have personalities, they were just Sex Option A or Sex Option B.

Just when I was about to throw up my hands, Gonzalo Guma did something wholly unexpected with his main character - he killed him off. Interest regained. (Ironically, it was Tomas's indecision of Sex Option A vs Sex Option B that contributed to the accident. Ha. Karma.)

Tomas is plunged into the world of Equinox - sort of an in-between place as the dead transition to their next lives. Souls can be reincarnated - almost indefinitely - but before they pass to the next world, they must atone for their past. As he atones, he becomes a significantly better person - going from 2D selfish to a kind and compassionate lead character.

Thomas manages to make a few friends who invite him to join them behind the scenes of the Equinox world. Here we learn how those in Equinox subtly influence our world and how closely entwined our worlds are. It was fun to read Gonzalo Guma's explanation for crazy coincidences - i.e. two people halfway across the world meet and fall in love due to some gentle nudges from Tomas and his crew.

Overall, the unique plot was interesting and I enjoyed reading this novel.

With many thanks to the author for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review

The Finer Books Club - 2018 Reading Challenge: A character with a terrible name*

*Everyone in the world is referred to by their soul's name - these names are supposed to be ancient and strong (Norx, Yaem, Simo, Letus, etc) which of course, by today's standards makes them terrible names. I do not say that to be mean - it was just something I noticed (could you imagine meeting a 3-year old named Norx? Or a preteen named Letus?)

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message 1: by Jaline (new)

Jaline Great review, Miranda! I think you have more patience than I do. I want to be "in" a book, or "out" of it - not tossed back and forth - hahaha

Miranda Reads true. This one was a bit more like a roller coaster than smooth sailing :)

RedemptionDenied Excellent reviews, Miranda!

Miranda Reads thank you redemption!

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