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Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young
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5/16/2019: Just popping by to remind everyone of how much I love this book. Seriously, still resonates deeply within my soul.

8/30/2018: I keep thinking on this book. I may need to do a reread to satiate my need. The trials Eelyn faces, the love she finds, keeps coming back to me. The same thing happened with Strange the Dreamer, and rereading (for a second time in the same year) really helped nip the need.

5/28/2018: Here is my reminder that this book is amazing. <3 I hope all of you are able to read it at some point. Happy reading!

5/7/2018: I'm not the type of person who easily gets crushes on fictional characters. I just don't. I know some people who fall in love with a person in each book, and that isn't how I roll. It takes a lot of mental and emotional connection for me to dub a character my book boyfriend--just like the word love, I don't use book boyfriend often.

Some of my book boyfriends I hold close to my heart: Rowan Whitethorn (Throne of Glass series), Edmund (A Death-Struck Year), Char (Ella Enchanted, book not the movie), and now...

Fiske from this book. The man didn't steal my heart--he gave me his and promised forever. (I'm going to need to save that line for my future book, because WOW.) It has been two months since I read Sky in the Deep and I am still swooning, pining, wanting him for my own. Eelyn, I trust you to treat my man right.


4/27/2018: Does anyone here want to fangirl with me for a bit? Please read my review below and leave me a comment. I want to know what some of your favorite moments are, what aspects really get you.

One aspect that I forgot to mention in my review below is how family is defined. It is a concept that evolves as the book progresses and Eelyn changes, and it isn't limited to only those connected by blood. Family is more about who you welcome into your life than it is about those who birthed and raised you. Blood may be thicker than water, but choosing to have someone in your life for what they add to it is so much more powerful and significant. Sky in the Deep does an amazing job at exploring what makes a family and the powers at work within those relationships.




Update 4/22/2018: Adrienne Young's debut novel Sky in the Deep is one of my favorite books of this year. She captures the Viking life so well that I daresay she must be a Viking shield maiden reincarnated. (Are you, Adrienne?) The world-building is clear, the writing style harkens to everything I love about Medieval European storytelling, and her characters are both staunch in their mental and physical strength AND extraordinarily vulnerable in their beliefs. It is a book overflowing with complexities that I enjoyed exploring.

I do want to say early on that this book may not be for you if you aren't into constant action, gore, or fast pacing. From the start you are dropped into a battle between the Aska and Riki, clans that have been enemies for as long as can be remembered. For both peoples, their lives are motivated by survival and hate of the other group. Five years before the opening battle scene, Eelyn lost her brother during one of the clashes. But plot twist: she sees him fighting alongside the Riki during that opening scene, helping who should be his forever sworn enemy. From that point on--very quickly, since the story just zooms on--everything that Eelyn had known comes into question. How is he alive? Why is he with them? What has been going on for the past five years? How could he choose to be with them and not come home to family? So on and so on.

Note on the pacing: Sky in the Deep is fast paced and the action is constant. A great comparison is Kincaid's The Diabolic and The Empress. Though vastly different in terms of genre and story, they are like each other in the movement of the story. If you like the feel of the persistent action and rapid flow, I suggest giving this book a go. I wasn't sure I would be into the book due to these reasons, but I ended up swept away and there for the long haul. I am glad I did. (I repeat: Sky in the Deep is one of my favorite books of 2018. *wink wink*)

One of my favorite aspects of this book is the exploration of identity. Eelyn, our protagonist, goes through identity crises and struggles the balancing of her identity. In the beginning she is firmly rooted in knowing herself and where she stands in the world. Discovering her brother lives starts the crumbling of her certainty, and through the events that follow she understands that the world is not as black and white as "Aska good, Riki bad." She is nudged into an internal evolution, one that leads to better understanding that the Aska and Riki aren't as different as she had thought.

Also, I can't really dig into explaining this due to spoilers, but this books brings a whole new meaning to "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." As you read, I would keep that thought on the periphery.

As for another favorite part of Sky in the Deep that I loved, enter the romance. The slow burn love that builds between Eelyn and a mystery man is so gosh darn good. The man in question is so good and pure, on par with lovable Lazlo (Strange the Dreamer) and Edmund (A Death-Struck Year), and I can't get enough of them. Eelyn's man, in particular, is especially appealing, because he had the same identity challenges and connects with her on even deeper levels thanks to their kindred enlightenment. But another reason I was excitedly squirming was the intensity of their romance's slow burn. It is forbidden due to the prejudices instilled by each clan, yet as Eelyn realizes the injustice of that kind of thinking and the common ground between their peoples, it feels so right. It is through her evolution of identity that their relationship becomes realistically possible, and I'm just over here screaming, "YAAAAAAAS!" And even with the differences between their people (pfft, or lack of differences), Eelyn is up front with him regarding where her priorities lie, and he echoes the same sentiments. But even with them constantly reminding each other that they will protect their own no matter the circumstances, neither can resist the other or deny the sprout of love that has grown between them. Despite all odds, despite everything forbidden, despite the atrocities they must endure, they know they are fated for each other--even if it means working through difficult situations to be with each other.

And on that note where I am yet again breaking down from the purity of their love, recalling the tummy tingles I felt as their love manifested, I must leave you with my rating of 5 out of 5 bitchin' stars. I could probably talk about this book for hours and hours, but I would rather talk about it with you, so get yourself to a book store on 4/24/2018 and pick up a copy of Sky in the Deep on its release day!


I am not okay.

I love this book so much. It has become a part of me.
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message 1: by Yusra (new) - added it

Yusra  ✨ this is one of my most anticipated ! glad you loved it :)

Bitchin' Reads Yusra wrote: "this is one of my most anticipated ! glad you loved it :)"

It is amazing. The first couple chapters had me questioning if I was going to enjoy it, but once I adapted to the constant action I was pulled deep into the story.

message 3: by Kim (new) - added it

Kim I can’t wait to read this 😊

Monique V what I LOVED was the whole idea that they were equal. Like the lion king two scene that even though they had different beliefs they are still equals. It was so lovely to see that.

Bitchin' Reads Monique wrote: "what I LOVED was the whole idea that they were equal. Like the lion king two scene that even though they had different beliefs they are still equals. It was so lovely to see that."

I KNOW RIGHT! That is so right, and that is a great comparison. Neither was above the other, and they treated each other as such.

Bitchin' Reads Kim wrote: "I can’t wait to read this 😊"

I hope you get to soon! I absolutely love it!

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