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Until I Die by Amy Plum
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Rating: 4.5 brilliant stars out of 5

Oh sweet goodness, how I loved this book!

In the first novel, Die For Me, it was the romantic Paris setting and idea of revenants — undead beings with the compulsion to die to save others — that captivated me. The idea was completely unique and executed with perfection, but even though I loved the characters with all my heart, I was never really sold on the romance.

But in Until I Die, somehow Amy Plum managed to make everything more intense, more lovable, more breathtaking — even the romance! Kate and Vincent have to be the perfect couple. I don't mean that their relationship is without its complications (because having an undead boyfriend definitely isn't), but I can finally see how they fit so well together. Their banter and interactions are funny and sweet, and being set in Paris, I was constantly swooning off my feet!

The middle of the book is admittedly a little slower as Kate tries to find out how to help Vincent resist his compulsion to sacrifice himself to save others. But that is my only complaint!

Otherwise, I loved every second I could spend with my favourite characters again! From sweet and stubborn Kate to Vincent (the perfect dream boyfriend ♥) to Jules (my favourite playboy of all time — without making this a love triangle!) as well as all of the other awesome revenants, both new and old, they were always a blast to read about.

Beautifully written and ending with one of the most heart-pounding, heart-breaking, and heart-tearing conclusions ever, Until I Die is an unpredictable and captivating installment to a trilogy that is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Amy Plum has made a total fangirl out of me! :)

BUY or BORROW?: I'd recommend that you buy this even if you haven't read the first book yet! That just means you have to backtrack to the first one beforehand, which you should be doing anyways ;)

(Original review at Mimi Valentine's YA Review Blog)


He raised his hand, and running his fingers from my temples through my hair, he spoke softly. "Now that you are here -- now that we're together -- I can't imagine going back to the life I had before. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you now. I love you too much."

My throat constricted. He had said the magical three words. Out loud. When he registered my stunned expression, his lips curled up at the corners. "But you knew that already, didn't you?"

My heart became a gooey mess inside my chest, and then he said it again.

I think I melted a little :') ♥
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Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤  i cant wait to read this!!!!

message 3: by Best (new)

Best Awwwwwwwwwww :D

message 4: by Susan (new) - added it

Susan I will be starting this one soon.

Mimi Valentine Ahhhhhh!! All three of you, I think you're going to LOVE this book! I'm actually liking it more than the first one so far! :') <3

Alice ♔ Ohhhhh my god. Someone go find a mop. I've melted into a puddle of goo. ><

VINCENT I NEED YOU NOW. GAH. *rips book out of Mimi's hands and runs*

Mimi Valentine *chases Alice with a chocolate hockey stick* NO WAY, ALICE! Vincent is mine -- and Jules too, if we're staking claims! x) <3

message 8: by Nina (new) - added it

Nina (The Bookish Confections) OHMY Mimi! That's such swooony. :"">

Mimi Valentine I know, right?? <3 As soon as I read it, I just HAD to share it with somebody and my older sister is probably tired of me gushing about fictional boys LOL... x)

message 10: by Nina (new) - added it

Nina (The Bookish Confections) Hahaha! If I were your sister, I won't be tired! I'd probably be with you on gushing. :)) Those fictional boys are just so irresistible! Can't wait for your review! :)

message 11: by Jasprit (new)

Jasprit I love this! I still have to read the first one! I will get onto it asap (view spoiler)

♥Rachel♥ Oh, Mimi!! I think I died just a little there! ;)

message 13: by Mimi (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mimi Valentine @Nina: LOL if you don't mind, I totally just showed that comment to Mel! She just laughed and and said, "Wait until you live with her." Lucky I'm not easily offended x)

@Jasprit: I'm going to be a voice in your head saying, "Do it... Doooo iiiiit!" (view spoiler)

@Rachel: Glad to spread the heart attack love! <3 Isn't Vincent just the sweetest?? He's like the perfect book boyfriend who you want to be your real boyfriend! :')

message 14: by Susan (new) - added it

Susan Mimi wrote: "Ahhhhhh!! All three of you, I think you're going to LOVE this book! I'm actually liking it more than the first one so far! :') <3"

Oh..I have no doubts that I will fall even more in move with this book.

message 15: by Mimi (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mimi Valentine And Vincent, of course! You can't forget Vincent! x) LOL I can't wait to read your review for this, Suz -- I hope you love it like I'm loving it now! :)

Jules (Never enough time to read) I'm looking forward to reading this one, I think it's going to take up some of my weekend :)
Great review x

message 17: by Nina (new) - added it

Nina (The Bookish Confections) Mimi! I just saw your reply. Anyway, I don't really mind. I think we're going to gush about those swoony characters non-stop! Haha! Say hi to your sister, Mel! :)

message 18: by Jasprit (new)

Jasprit Beautiful review Mimi! I will try and get onto this series asap, it sounds like a wonderful read! Btw did you get your copy of Insurgent yet?

message 19: by Mimi (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mimi Valentine @Jules: Definitely a book you need to make time to read, Jules! I adored it (and Vincent) so much more than the first book! :) <3

@Nina: Haha yay! I love meeting fellow readers who I can gush about book boys to :') Mel says hi back, and that we can keep the book boys as long as she gets the celebrity boys. (She's totally crushing on One Direction right now LOL!)

@Jasprit: Go for it, J! :) And nooooooo, it hasn't arrived yet!! D: I pre-ordered it with City of Lost Souls so Chapters is telling me to wait for the release date for that before it ships. I did it to free Four, but now it's coming back to punish me LOL x)

message 20: by Rachel (new)

Rachel This review is Brilliant! I love all the forms of heart feelings you used, Mimi!

message 21: by Mimi (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mimi Valentine Aww, thank you, Rachel! Hehe, as you can tell, I totally love hearts! <3 And this book too, just to put that out there ;)

message 22: by Rachel (new)

Rachel LOL! I will definitely try this series out.

message 23: by Mimi (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mimi Valentine Yay, I'm glad! :) <3

message 24: by Mimi (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mimi Valentine Hahahaha you have a weakness for French boys and the Eiffel tower too? Then I think you're definitely going to love this, Elena! :) *swooooon* <3

message 25: by Jasprit (new)

Jasprit Chapters! I love that store, I've been Canada twice and that's the first place I run too! Last year I went I didn't want to leave! Hope you get your copy soon! :)

message 26: by Mimi (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mimi Valentine @Elena: What? No cute French boy friends??? That's TERRIBLE! But your cousin must be quite the catch then, to have all of the girls LOL x) Does that mean you speak French? Je fait aussi!! <3

@Jasprit: You've been to Canada?? Oh YAY! As much as I want to travel the world, Canada will always be my home and I love it with all my heart! <3 I'm glad you liked it (and the bookstore) here too! :')

message 27: by Nina (new) - added it

Nina (The Bookish Confections) Yeey! Then I'll be glad to gush with you. :"") Of course, I'd choose to gush about book boys than celebrity boys! I don't know why. But I like the idea much better! Though I have celebrity crushes too. I'd rather choose book boys! :) There are a lot of girls who gush about One Direction already! But I can say that they're cute that's why. One Direction's for your sister! :)

message 28: by Mimi (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mimi Valentine LOL I think I'm more like you than I'm like my own sister, Nina -- book boys will always top celebrity boys for me too! x) The boys of One Direction are cute... I mean, they have accents and they can sing! But do they have awesome supernatural powers? I don't think so! ;) <3

message 29: by Nina (new) - added it

Nina (The Bookish Confections) Aww. That I'm flattered. :") I hope your sister won't dislike me for that! ;) I KNOW RIGHT! Yes, that's one of the things I love about book boys. But know what, sometimes, I wish they're real. ;) I mean, who wouldn't want to see them, right?

message 30: by Mimi (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mimi Valentine @Nina: Definitely not! Mel's a bit like me that way -- too crazily cheerful to be mad at anybody LOL. But she's happy to be completely UNlike me in every other way! I totally wish that book boys were real too, or if real boys were at least that awesome... *wistful sigh* x)

@Elena: LOL that's okay! In all honesty (despite taking French since I was in the second grade), I'm not as fluent in French as I want to be too x) (I remember the basics like bonjour and au revoir... but as soon as we conjugate complex verbs? I'm lost!

message 31: by Nina (new) - added it

Nina (The Bookish Confections) Wow. You two are such great people! :> Oh no. I think that's gonna be impossible. Real boys are at least that awesome? That must be a dream!

message 32: by Mimi (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mimi Valentine Haha not even! But thanks for saying so, Nina :') <3

message 33: by Aa'Ishah (new) - added it

Aa'Ishah Awesome review, Mimi! I need me some more Vincent. ;)

message 34: by Mimi (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mimi Valentine Vincent is waiting for you, A -- you NEED to pick this up ASAP! x) (And Jules too, if you're also a fan of him haha! <3)

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