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The Fourth Stall Part II by Chris Rylander
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Oct 22, 2011

it was amazing
Read from February 21 to March 18, 2012

Oh Mac, what have you done. My 6th grade crush gets into some deep trouble when he starts looking into fried fatty foods in the cafeteria and rat droppings in the lockers. And then she walks in the door. Trixie von Parkway. He knew she was trouble the minute she walked in and she sets in motion a whole world of events that leaves Mac and Vince reeling at the end.

I'll start from the beginning. Mac and Vince have their business back and it's busier than ever. Things are running smoothly until weird things start happening at school.

First, Trixie shows up saying the new Science teacher is giving her a hard time because she broke up with his son. She wants Mac and company to get him off her back. Mac describes her as a rattlesnake throughout the book so you know he doesn't believe her, but she does prove valuable.
Then the healthnut boy, Jonah complains because the cafeteria is serving nothing but fried foods. Or double fried in the case of fried chicken with sides of fried chicken skin and double-fried French fries.

"Do you know how many calories are in that stuff? I mean, it's like a ton of calories! Or how much saturated fat? how much LDL cholesterol?"....I tried not to laugh because my mom and her friends were always going on and on about those evil calories and it just sounded so strange coming from a seventh grader....."Okay Jonah," I said,"we'll help you, but you've got to calm down." The truth was, I wasn't too sure I wanted to solve this problem. (pgs18-19) of the ARC

That's my Mac, always thinking of others!! He knows the other kids love that food. But then more problems.

The germaphobe comes in with the problem of feces from some animal in his locker. Even Mac and Vince won't touch that. They have to call in the specialist for that. And then there's the problem with the Science teacher who is also the new baseball coach. Mac and Vince both want to try out as 6th graders and know they don't have a good chance, but still. Once they find out Mr. /Coach Kjelson is a Cubs fan, they just know he can't be a bad guy. All evidence points to him being a great guy. And he's a CUBS FAN! Mac and Vince are really in a bind. But nothing like the ones they get into later in the book. And it looks like the business may just be gone for good.

I still say if I was in 6th grade I'd have an even bigger crush on Mac than in the last book. He'd be a hero. He has no idea what girls are all about but I'm hoping to read about him in the future. I can't wait until he gets mixed up with girlfriends. That will really be interesting. She'll have to be a Cubs fan that's for sure.

The Fourth Stall II was even better than the first but very different from it. I loved both and hope there will be another book or books in the series. I am very fond of Mac, Vince, Joe and Fred. And I love Kitten! You really have to read these books to learn about Kitten the meanest bully you'll ever read about. I will not tell you why they call him Kitten. Nope. Read it!
I wouldn't call this a boy book, but it is written from Mac's point of view. I love reading from the boy's point of view. It helps me understand them, a little, maybe.

All I can say for this one is that I was smiling when I started, laughed through several parts, and was smiling at the end. I was remembering my time in 6th grade trying to picture who my Mac would have been. No contenders. Mac remains fictional and holds my 6th grade heart.

I received a copy of an ARC from the publisher Walden Pond Press for an honest review. This in no way influenced my review. Thank you Kellie!

Try this series- I know you'll enjoy reading about these future swoon worthy boys!

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