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Trust by David Moody
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did not like it
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Trust had the potential to be one of the greatest novels of all time but all I can say is Boring, Boring, Boring over and over again. I picked it up after seeing so many four and five star reviews and I regret it. I suppose the reason I didn't enjoy it is because I don't enjoy psychological thrillers, I prefer action/adventure.

This story ticks all the boxes. An alien race coming to Earth and asking for help, integrating with the culture and living with humans until, surprise it was all a maniacal scheme to weaken humans against the invasion fleet coming our way. But it was so slow.

The writing was not bad, and for the most part realistic. The aliens arrive in England, unusual since most Armageddon stories centre around Earth, since America is apparently the only country worth invading. But anyway, the aliens arrive in quaint little England and the people go crazy, 'Are we going to be invaded?', 'Can we trust them?', 'Are will all going to die?' and a few other hysterical questions. Of course the media has a field day and the government makes arrangements without the public say so, eventually allowing these visitors the rights to live in England, to have jobs and healthcare, the usual. The aliens then blow up their ship because it is 'Beyond Repair' and after a little while the people become bored and seeing the aliens is as normal as seeing any other person walking the street.

But of course, what is a classic alien story without the discovery of dastardly manipulation. People start becoming... brain dead, is the best word I can come up with. They become incredibly angry, despondent or seize to react to outside influence at all. And there is no rhyme or reason, men, women and children are all affected. And then the fleet arrive, an army intent on wiping out humanity and stealing our natural resources, in doing so they will devastate Earth and leave Earth an empty world similar to Mars, barren and lifeless. The brain dead stand and walk. Ships that give off white lights are flying everywhere. All those brain dead humans are... removed. Wiped from existence and the only mercy we supposedly have is the fact that they do not feel it, they are already dead.

The alien refugees who came before the wave are revealed to be victims themselves, brainwashed because they protested the fleets continuous push for resources and death. They are used to manipulate the native populations of planets into being sympathetic and weakened to alien influence. They have some sort to the fleet which means everything the refugees see and know is what the fleet see and know, almost like a hive mind but the refugees are clueless and merely tools for the fleet to use as they see fit.

In the end the sceptic and main character of the story is proven right, that the aliens were not good news and heralded a bigger danger but in the end I am not sure being right is all that much of a reprieve. The world devastated and all life obliterated, the few humans dying or dead and apparently only plants, moss and fungi still remain, the only hope for life, but the world is so devastated that life as we know it may never exist again.

An incredible story now I write it like this, but a boring one to read. I would have liked to learn more about the aliens and their ways, read the negotiations that were made but mostly I would have liked to have seen more action, more fight, more resistance. At the same time I cannot negate the realism of this story, aliens who can space travel would be highly advanced and more than capable of killing us without alerting us to their existence. But I love my adventure/action tales and would have liked to have seen more.

So to summarise. A great concept but it wasn't for me, I found it too slow and tedious and thought it lacked more interest and investigation into our alien visitors. I don't regret reading it but I certainly would not choose to read it again.

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