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The Enigma Wraith by Rox Burkey
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Technology has been taking over the world with its convenience of new methods to do even the simplistic things, but everything comes with a price. Unfortunately, by converting the world into a world of technology, it tends to leave everyone in a vulnerable state because hackers do exist. In “The Enigma Wraith”, authors Charles V. Breakfield and Roxanne E. Burkley set the scene of a current technological crisis occurring and it’s up to a small team of intelligent individuals to solve it before it changes the infrastructure of the new world. The scariest news to hear is not having any backups to remove all hacked code and return things to its original state, simply because of budget cuts and not needing to pay a backup personnel to maintain backups for safety precautions. This demonstrates the lack of care many higher-ups in the corporate world have towards potential threats in the possible future. Unfortunately, their main focus is on the amount of money that they can make. The hackers’ director, Prudence, is one tough cookie that definitely knows her way around encrypted coding and has devised one of the world’s undetected ‘ghost code’ ever imagined. Surprisingly so, the director of this group of hackers is a woman, who in fact, covered all possible bases imaginable. I’m sure men in the tech field respect her level of diligence and the work seems almost perfect, but there’s always room for flaws.

Attacks on banks seem more so the norm because cybercriminals’ goals are to steal as much money as their heart desire and gain power in the process. All this does is make individuals fearful of keeping their hard-earned money in these financial establishments, assuming it’s no longer safe as long as hacking exists. The members of the R-Group consist of Wolfgang, Quip, Petra, Jacob, and Julie. It’s a family tech business, handling the security of institutions and alert government agencies about any suspicious cybercriminal activities. This is one of the most reputable groups of intelligent individuals that investigate any suspicious activity for the cyber safety of everyone.

Our entire world switched from traditional paperwork all to digital and e-paper. There’s nothing that cannot be easily accessible online, which should scare the population of societal members across the globe. All it takes is for the brains of an ultra-genius, or someone who wasn’t treated fairly in life and want power by making people pay, to hack into major systems and cause cyber warfare. Even though we have some of the world’s finest techies handling the security of everyone online, we still have to be mindful that systems can be depleted of resources in the blink of an eye. I recommend this book to everyone, it will make you think twice about what our possible future would be if cyber securities can be breached without an ability to recover. Sometimes it would have you wondering what would happen if all data ever store were wiped away.
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