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Love Me Whole by Nicky James
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I'm still shaken up by this. I was very curious to read it. A main character with 5 other alters and a man falling in love with this person.....

I'm so in awe of this story. About Oryn's and Vaughn's love story. Oryn's mental health, this DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) killed me. What Oryn lived through during his childhood was never fully discussed but it was evident it was horrific. That horrific that Oryn's mind shut off and made these alter characters just to survive. Every one of these alters had a purpose and together they were a system, they were one whole person.

Oryn really broke me. He never had a friend in his life. Being ridiculed all his life because people found him weird because all the time Oryn felt the need to switch to another alter to cope with life. And then he met Vaughn... Vaughn was so perfect for him, had so much patient with Oryn. I had so much respect for him that he was able to put his own needs aside and was able to win Oryn's trust. Not only Oryn's trust was important but all of Oryn's alters needed to trust Vaughn.

pic from Nicky James's post on facebook;

"I’d fallen so completely in love, and the knowledge that something so terrible and traumatizing had happened to him as a child, causing his mind to split into separate people, utterly broke my heart. There was no need to think or wonder how I would handle being around Rain in public. I would just be. No matter what part of Oryn I faced, be it Rain, Cohen, Reed, Theo, and even self-destructive Cove, it didn’t matter. It didn’t change how I felt for him, it only confirmed what I already knew."

Nicky James was absolutely brilliant with this and has easily become an auto-buy for me.

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27.0% "Oryn is breaking my heart. :(

"You.. you aren't in it. so it's lonely. N-no one talks to me. They talk a lot about me... behind my back, but I'm not s-stupid."
January 15, 2018 –
41.0% " "There should be no guilt. I explained how, although we are all individual, separate people, we are as much a part of a whole. If you accept me as your partner, you need to accept all my alters as well. They were all created for a reason and each of us has a purpose."

Vaughn is so confused... #I am so confused."
January 15, 2018 –
43.0% "wow, this is different fighting and yelling at your boyfriend's alter.

"What will it take? I'm not a bad person. I will never cross lines Oryn doesn't want to cross. Reed, the world isn't all bad. There are good people in it. Oryn doesn't see me as evil, why are you so sure I am?"

"It's my job in the system."
January 15, 2018 –
50.0% " "So, all that passion you're feeling.. the stuff you can't express to Oryn because it could be damaging.. give it to Cohen. In a backward, non-typical, weird-ass way, it's the same thing. You just need to learn where to direct your feelings. They all balance his system - so you need to balance the way you express yourself."

hmmmm okay. That makes sense."
January 15, 2018 –
70.0% "Ohhhhhhhhh

"I'll be good now, I promise. Let me go. I'll be good."
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