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Aesop's Fables by Russell Ash
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Oct 20, 2011

really liked it

For my folklore review I chose Aesop’s Fables. It has many tales in the book but my favorite is The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. It is about a town mouse who visits a country mouse. The town mouse thinks the country mouse is eating poorly so he invites him to his house to eat. When they both arrive there is a big dinner for them on a table so they begin to eat. All of a sudden a stranger walks in and the two mice run off. After the stranger leaves the two mice go back to the table when another stranger walks in. The mice run off to hide. This time the country mouse was tired of running away and he decided that he would rather go home to eat his rationed meal. He thought to live in luxury was too much danger and he would rather live in peace and quiet.

I think the age range is intermediate-advanced because while they are simple stories, the wording is a bit difficult for younger viewers. Also a few of the fables contain vulgar language for a young child. I chose The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse because older students can relate to it. They are at that age where they want everything that is cool because they think it will make them cool. At the end of the fable it says “A humble life with peace and quiet is better than a splendid one with danger and risk.” It will make them think that it is o.k. not to live in luxury and to be happy for what you have.

What attracted me to the book was its cover. The background is a soft yellow with a big butterfly and rose in the middle. All the colors are soft which look like it was done in pencil. The lines are thin and very detailed. The picture for The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse is like the front cover except it has more colors like blue and green and brown. The whole picture is in the middle of the page with a light gray border around it. It is also much more detailed than the cover.

I recommend this book because at the end of every fable there is a moral of the story. There are many fables in the book and that means each one can teach a lesson to a child. It is a nice book to have because as a child grows up he/she will face many problems whether he/she wants to and the stories are good as are the morals. The pictures that are included with each fable are all drawn differently with different lines and some are black and white. For example, on the next page the picture has thick lines with a thick border with not much detail. On the next page the picture is black and white with thin lines and much detail. The pictures are brilliantly done and it helps the reader understand the fable and the moral because they show what it is about. I like the fact the pictures are different because it makes it more interesting to read since they are not the same. I also like the fables too although I do have to admit I do not like some of the morals that accompany them. They can still teach readers lessons and that is all that matters. I wish I had this to read as a child it would have helped me out a few times.


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