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Playing With the Boys by Liz Tigelaar
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May 19, 2008

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"Playing With the Boys," is another book I have read by Liz Tigelaar. I decided to read this book after finishing "Pretty Tough" because although it is not a sequel, some of the characters and the setting is the same. The main difference is that this story is based on the life of a girl named Lucy Malone who is a newcomer to Beachwood High School from Ohio. She moved to California with her dad (her Mom passed away years earlier) and at first, struggled to fit in and make any friends. Before school starts she meets a girl named Charlie (previously profiled in "Pretty Tough") and realizes there might be some nice girls at her school. She tries out for the soccer team, like Charlie, but doesn't make the team, but does gain some new friends like Charlie, Pickle and Carla (soccer girls). The soccer coach Martie as well as her soccer friends persuade her to tryout for the boys football teams and surprisingly she makes the team. Two important issues in this book are acceptance and breaking stereotypes because no one expects a girl to be on a boys team. Lucy's journey through the football season shows how brave and courageous she is as a person and how being a teenager in a new school comes with its high and low points. Also, I really enjoyed the subtile references to Lucy's deceased mother because it showed how strong her relationship with her mom was and also how Lucy would always have a place in her heart for her mom. I also thought that Lucy's mother could symbolize determination and hope because Lucy always called out to her when she was going through tough times and needed love and assistance. Altogether, I thought this book was great and would make a great read for any high schooler.

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