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Oct 20, 2011

did not like it

this book was,in a word, horrible.
there were so many holes in this story and i honestly think garwood put next to no thought into writing this.
The whole thing was random. We got a lady killer,a missing friend,a princess. It didn’t go together and on top of all that no one was likeable.
the many,and i mean many,historical mistakes prevented me from even giving this book a chance.
The speech was terrible and so off the mark I couldn’t even wrap my mind around it.
the language in here was so modern it wasn't even funny. &trust me, it wasn't funny.at all.
isn’t the editor supposed to catch all these mistakes?Her editor probably didn’t even want to take on the daunting task of correcting all of them. It would have been better to just start a whole new book then try and correct all the mistakes in here. How can you publish a historical book and be so totally wrong??
Usually in a book there's only a few things that irritate you or get on your nerves but it was the WHOLE book that got on my nerves. Literally like almost every sentence just drove me up the wall.
everything,and i mean everything,either had me rolling my eyes,scoffing, or sighing loudly.
ive read julie garwood books before, and while i wouldn't run out and buy them, i definitely don't remember them being this terrible.
Let me wrap up the whole book for you-colin tried not to laugh.alesandra burst into tears.a smidgen of stuff about a lady killer.some random stuff.dumb conversatioins.stupid characters.the end.
the characters were horrible with a capital H, and that includes main and side characters.no one had any real substance.&they were all annoying.
Garwood really tried to sell the point home about her being beautiful and amazing.Ive seen authors convey that the main characters are really pretty without going into all this extravagant speech. Someone should have passed Garwood the memo.
i think garwood was aiming for charming but she fell very short of the mark. Incredibly short. Like she missed it by a country mile. Not only did i not find anything even remotely charming about the main character, but i actually started to hate her. despised might be a better word.
i don't think I’ve ever hated a character quite like i did 'ol alesandra.she's one of,if not the worse,characters ive ever read about.
this is quite possibly the worst plot for a book I’ve ever encountered.in fact, it should win an award, for The Crappiest Book Ever.
horribly thought out plot. Everything was repetitive, to the point where you just wanted to throw something, break something, bang your head on a wall, anything to relieve your frustration. If you heard somethin once, you’ll hear it at least ten other times in the book.
I predict many tears in their future. Colin will say or do something or not do something and she’ll burst into tears.
Garwood spends so much time on alesandra’s stupid feelings. My advice to her is to concentrate on writing an actual story from now on. I realized that we didn’t get to hear a lot from the main character. Its like there weren’t many paragraphs without words,like to describe stuff, or hear more about alesandras life. We knew next to nothing about her. There would be short sentences like.this.they.were. fragments. really. And then we’d get a dumb conversation between characters. And then alesandra would be all hurt and then colin would try not to smile. That’s literally all this book was.
It was like torture reading this thing. I swear if you want to get me to do something just threaten to read this thing out loud to me. sometimes I really think im a glutton for punishment when I keep reading a crappy book.
When I first cracked open this book I was interested in seeing where she was gunna go with the whole lady killer thing. She actually didn’t go anywhere with it until over halfway through the book. And ive never in my life came across a book where people are disappearing and the people just sit back and do nothing. You obviously weren’t too close to victoria or you would have done something about it soon enough instead of holding it in just because colin ‘wouldn’t listen to you.’ That brings me back to alesandra needing a backbone.
&when she found out her friend DIED,she didn't cry.shes like "no,id wait for later to cry" but when colin did or didn't do something she wanted to burst into tears.does anyone find anything wrong with that?
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Julie Garwood
“Damn, you're good,' he said and rolled onto his back. The man wasn't much for flowery speech, Alesandra thought with a smile. It didn't matter. She was arrogantly proud of herself because she'd pleased him. Perhaps she should give him a little praise too. She rolled onto her side to face him, put her hand on his chest directly over his pounded heart, and whispered. 'You're good, too. 'Tis the truth, you're the best I've ever had.'
He opened his eyes to look at her. 'I'm the only one you've ever had, remember?' His voice was gruff with affection.
'I remember,' she said.
'No other man is ever going to touch you, Alesandra. You're mine.”
Julie Garwood, Castles

Julie Garwood
“colin was certain he would feel better once he had gotten some sleep. At one o-clock in the morning he was wishing he could close his eyes and die. By 3 oclock, he thought he had. Colin sprawled out on the bed, face down, with his arms spread wide. Oh yes, death would have been a treat.”
Julie Garwood, Castles

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BookLove perfect review
the book was really this dumb.

message 10: by Petra (new) - rated it 1 star

Petra great review, literally the worst book I have ever read.

Heather thanks! this book was truly horrendous.

message 8: by Olivia (new) - added it

Olivia Wheeler Too bad this review didn't have an editor. Like, it was literally, like, unreadable.

Heather like,i love,like,rude people.
1st of all,how was it unreadable?
second,if anyone has a problem with my reviews,dont comment on them.
i'd really appreciate it.

Megan I agree Olivia, but that's what happens when a 13 year old reads and "reviews" a book *sigh*

message 5: by Kathleen (last edited Oct 22, 2014 08:19PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kathleen It's hard to read this review. So many words, so few spaces after commas. My poor wretched eyes.

I prefer two spaces after each period, for it's easier on my eyes than only one. However, this review sometimes has, like, none. None?

Heather im not 13. I haven't been 13 in years. and I certainly wasnt 13 when I wrote that review. what 13 yr old would/should be reading a romance book? why don't you think that through before you leave a completely idiotic comment on my review when you have absolutely no clue how old I am. I used the word "like" a few times, and I used it to describe things, kind of like this:
I hate when people leave stupid, rude &unnecessary comments on my reviews, like Olivia, Megan, and Kathleen. see how that works?
why don't you stodgy, boring ppl take your stuffy opinions and keep them to yourselves. there are ppl of all ages on this website. if you want to stick to old, "correct" ppl, find something else to join. *heavy, irritated sigh*

Megan wrote: "I agree Olivia, but that's what happens when a 13 year old reads and "reviews" a book *sigh*"

Heather I read through it just fine.perhaps your reading isn't up to snuff?
I don't write my reviews with other people in mind. if I wanna leave no space between a period and the next word, then I most certainly can.heck, if I wanna use no punctuation at all, that's my choice.
I usually cram things together so my reviews will fit. sometimes I go over the word limit, if you must know. &comments like this-'they.were. fragments. really.' were to show how Garwood used fragments instead of sentences.
my reviews are my opinions about a book, how I felt when I read it, and all the things I liked or didn't like.no one has a right to attack that.
I don't care what anyone has to say about my reviews, how you prefer your punctuation or your capitalization at the beginning of a sentence.given all of that, why would I give a crap what your opinion was on any of those things?
why don't you consider if someone wants to hear your opinion before you leave it.I have a feeling you'll be writing a lot less reviews.
ill never understand why ppl read a review they don't like, and then actually take the time to write a comment about it.if I find one I don't agree with/cant read I get off the page.I don't criticize them.but I was raised a little better than that.
&btw, I hope you're getting paid for your English lessons. if you wanna lecture ppl on punctuation and your preferences on how you wanna see a review, then I suggest you go find a teaching position where you can teach ppl who might actually care. im not in class. this website is supposed to be fun. and ppl like you and the other two geniuses who commented on my review make me wanna give up reading altogether.
maybe you guys need a lil lesson: this website is about peoples OPINIONS. and the way they write THEIR reviews is entirely up to THEM. so don't BOTHER them with your STUPID, INANE, and UNECESSARY comments. we'd all be much obliged.
p.s.I hope you were able to read my review, given that some words were written directly beside a period. hope it didn't throw the whole thing off

Kathleen wrote: "It's hard to read this review. So many words, so few spaces after commas. My poor wretched eyes.

I prefer two spaces after each period, for it's easier on my eyes than only one. However, this revi..."

message 2: by Volakiri (new)

Volakiri For someone who has so much vitriol and distain for mistakes in Garwood's novel, it is surprising your review is so sloppy. We are allowed our opinion, and you yours, but the juxtaposition of what you said and how you said it was.... Well. There is also no need to be rude to the other commenters. That is not what this site is about. If you are older than thirteen, I'm surprised at your lack of grace and class.

Heather I didn't have room for my full review to fit, so I put pieces of it on here. I know it isn't laid out well. Those were my thoughts at different parts of the book, so I'm aware of how my review sounds.
I agree that this is not what this site is about. I became a member of this sight to review books--for myself. I write reviews for myself, to remember exactly how I felt about a book, and what I liked and didn't like about it. If someone likes my review, fine. If not, I'd really prefer a person doesn't comment at all. I only leave positive comments on people's reviews, so I can't comprehend what possesses a person to actually feel the need to comment on someone's review and leave a negative, rude, mean, and completely unnecessary comment when the option to simply move on is always out there.
I read reviews that I don't like or don't agree with, and I've never felt the need to comment on them. I would never leave an unwarranted rude comment on someone's review. If I don't agree with something, I stop reading and get off the review. I definitely don't leave a comment on their review, which is their opinion and therefore makes them entitled to have it.
As for the comments I made back, I think a rude comment deserves a rude response. As someone who is calling me out for being rude, I'm surprised you aren't acknowledging that their comments were rude to start with. If you read everything as thoroughly as you so disturbingly seem to have done, then you will see that they left their rude comments first, and then I responded back in kind. I believe we are all entitled to our opinions on a book we read--whether good or bad--and may write our reviews however we choose. I believe we are also entitled to respect and kindness, don't you agree? However, I didn't receive respect and kindness in some of the comments left to me, and was put into the position of defending myself and my review.
Knowing that I don't use this site to go trolling around--emphasis on the word troll here--on people's reviews, and knowing that I don't leave rude comments to people, I can say I don't feel guilty about anything I've said on this site, nor about the way I handle myself on this site. I don't know how people like you and the other trolls on this site can say the same.
By the way, folks, this review is so old--from 2012--and I'm frankly over it and over the comments that seem to come in annually. I'm really tired of rehashing an old topic.

Volakiri wrote: "For someone who has so much vitriol and distain for mistakes in Garwood's novel, it is surprising your review is so sloppy. We are allowed our opinion, and you yours, but the juxtaposition of what ..."

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