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Grim Tuesday by Garth Nix
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Oct 20, 2011

really liked it

Grim Tuesday

Garth Nix

Arthur Penhaligon is back! Before Mister Monday was defeated by arther Mister Monday had been lazy for a VERY VERY long time. So he had been buying all sorts of luxuries from Grim tuesday but had never actually paid the bill. SO when Arthur becomes the master of Monday's domain, Grim tuesday decides to enforce the need for payment of the bill. Grim now has approvement to make arthur pay for all of the stuff monday bought however he wants to. The way grim choose to make arthur pay were multiple things that made arthur's world suffer. He made all of the schoold close down in the giant city that arthur lived in, he made all of arthur's neigbors sell their houses, and he also made all of the stock market plumet to the worst it had ever been! Arthur had to do something! He had to defeat grim tuesday and take control of his domain before it was too late! So he had to go back to the house. The gatekeeper again gave him a disguise to wear in grim's mines. grim had been mining for "nothing" which he can make into anything! Well arthur works in the mines for a long time and is stuck down there until he is rescued by suzy turquoise blue! the have these wings that only go up and they go up and up until they get to the roof of the house. THen they work their way to grim's pyramid which holds all of grim's treasures. They meet this guy i forgot his name but he is like the lord of all sailors and he helps them go to this star that the second part of the will is on and they rescue the second part of the will and when they get back tuesday is waiting for them and they made an agreement to see who could make the more glorious thing out of nothing would hold mastery of tuesday's domain. Well tuesday made a small tree made out of gold with silver vains and Arthur though he could never beat that in his entire life! But he made a xylophone and played a song that he had made up himself. Well it was time to judge and the main sailor said that tuesday's tree was beautiful but it was a copy of something that an ancient japanese emporor had made. But, Arthur's song was something that he had made up himself and so he should win! Arthur then had control of tuesday's domain and had found the second part of the will!

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