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Miles Away from You by A.B. Rutledge
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did not like it

Well, that was awful.

Before I start -- I know there's been some discussion on the premise, and the fridging of a trans character -- I was uneasy going in, but honestly, I wanted to read it because I heard Miles was Demi, and I'm Demi, and I so rarely see Demi characters in books that I was willing to take what I could get.

This was HORRIFICALLY BAD Demi rep.

Quite frankly -- Miles is not Demi.

Just gonna flat out say it. I totally get that everyone has different experiences in the community, and there's a lot of different and valid ways to experience a sexuality. But this was different. For those unaware, Demisexual is basically defined as not experiencing sexual attraction without emotional attachment. There's greyness in all things, but that's the easy summary.

At several points Miles literally says he "craves flesh" and he spends the WHOLE BOOK ogling and sexualizing everyone he meets. EVERYONE. His friend even sexualizes one of his Moms, so like, even the characters it shouldn't have been possible to sexualize got sexualized. In the course of the book, Miles goes down on a woman he doesn't know, he thinks hopefully of having an orgy with 3 people he just met, and is constantly jerking off in the shower. He reads online (and super misogynistic) articles on how to get laid in Iceland. He wanders around nightclubs attempting to get laid. He goes home with a girl he just met, hoping to get laid. Like, this is horny teenage boy everywhere, on every page.

I know the author identifies as Demi, but if this is what she thinks it's like, I'm wondering if she's mislabelling herself? Or maybe she assumes its different for men than women? I don't know, but I found it all pretty repulsive.

I'm not qualified to speak on the trans issues in the book, but I found the fridging icky. And Vivian, the trans girl, isn't really portrayed in a positive light in most of the flashbacks. And her family, the only non-white people in the book, are also portrayed pretty negatively. So, that wasn't great.

On the positive side, the book is a pretty fast read, and the pacing is decent. I found the love interest engaging and fully formed.

But the love interest and pacing can't save this from being a truly wretched portrayal of demisexulaity, not to mention a poorly handled fridging of a black trans character (idek, is there a way to handle that well?).
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