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A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
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For the size of this book, I managed to work through it fairly quickly considering my busy schedule. This book resulted in a wide variation of emotions for me, but mostly good I should say!

The Frustartion:
I enjoyed the story overall, though there were irritating parts regarding the character(s) and pitfalls where I figured things out so far in advance of the character it grated on my nerves. There were parts written out that didn't quite make sense, several uses of, "...it was all I could do to...XYZ" that had no predecessor identifying What was all the character could do. I would say it was used too frequently, as well. For a book this size, though, I imagine it would be easy to lose how many times a certain turn of phrase has been utilized, an author's habit, but I would expect the editor/proofreader to catch these things.
There seemed limited imagination when trying to describe reactions to things, constant bowels turning to liquid. I worry Feyre may need to take some probiotics! I also feel Feyre was, in some ways, made a little too dense on occasion. Being young is one thing, but it was often too convenient a crutch in the story, and that took away the appeal of Feyre and empathy towards her plight.
Additionally, I'm horrified this is classified as a book for 14-17 year old's! There is no way in Hell I would allow my daughter to read this within said age bracket :|. There is sexual content in here that is unacceptable for such an age. As though our children aren't exposed to enough sexuality too soon already! Seriously, WTH are these people thinking!?
And there were trials, I won't detail how/what, but they weren't nearly as vicious as I anticipated. Those were rather dull, almost a cop out with exception to what the last was required on an emotional/mental level.

The Pleasing:
Jokes and harsh feelings aside, it was an interesting take on an old tale, revitalized with a twist. I absolutely loved the violence, the grit, it's something you would generally find lacking in detail in most romance novels. This, I applaud. The detail of pain, suffering, and heartache can be felt as the reader. I loved the idea of the separated worlds, the beautiful of the Fae to the gray of the human world, but all is not perfect and pleasant. As a reader you are carried through the lies and twisted stories that people prefer in contrast to the reality of what occurred, what we know happens in our very own world with our history. There was one reference to thorns and slight reference to roses, though on a metaphorical level I guess you could connect it in that way to the title and base it on the beauty and beast aspect, so I felt that worked out well enough. The story is engaging as you watch the unfolding interest between Feyre and Tamlin, and I appreciated the side characters as they are introduced and their dynamics. The back building of the story was paced nicely throughout, and appreciated aspects regarding family and kinship.

I've struggled between 3 or 4 stars here, because of how much disappointment I did find intermingled with what did make it interesting, so I'll say 3 and stick with it. It did keep my attention, and I'm already moving on to the next book. I stick with believing this book is meant more, in my opinion, as for ages 16 or 17 and up. My daughter will Not be reading these books prior to 17 if I can help it. The sexual content, though only two sets, was not at all appropriate for the suggested age range.

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