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A Scandalous Proposition by Wendy Soliman
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Oct 18, 2011

really liked it
Read in October, 2011

At the beginning of this book we all knew who the main characters are. It is easy to figure out who is in love with whom.
Adam, who has been away at war came home to find out that the woman he thought he loved was married to his brother and expecting a child. The is that his brother’s wife is a horrible person and only wants Adam for herself and will go through any lengths fore what she wants.
Florentina (Tina) met Adam while running away from someone who had the wrong idea about her. She lied to him so that she could get home. Little did she know, Adam lives closer to her then she realized. Tina will try everything in her power not to fall in love with someone who is in a higher class then she is.
As we go through the book, Adam and Tina get closer and closer. They start to form close friendship. Adam finally finds out how and why Tina is pretending to be someone she is not. All the while, Adam’s sister in law is threatening to make sure Adam and his brother are at war with each other, unless Adam does what she wants.
When Adam and Tina finally come together, Tina realizes that there is a very big problem. She has fallen in love with him. She has promised herself that he will never know, but doesn’t know how long she can keep that secret. Adam has ways of finding things out. Adam is getting determined to have her as his wife. He has decided not to tell her anything of his feelings because he doesn’t know that she feels the same.
Halfway through he book, we learn that Tina is being blackmailed as well. A powerful Lord is threatening her. He claims he can expose her for what she is unless she submits to him. She does not realize what the Lord wanted from her until it was too late and he tried to force himself on her. It was a miracle that Adam got to her just in time. It is nice to find out that heroes come when they are needed. It is completely understandable that Adam was very angry with Tina about what happened. Anyone else in his shoes would feel that same way, I believe.
I like that Tina is still very innocent in the ways of men. Just because she is a widow does not mean that she knows everything when it comes to seducing men. It is nice to know that anyone male or female can learn new things behind close doors. I have to say that I will probably never look at strawberries the same way ever again.
By the end of the book all was right in their world. The threat to both Tina and Adam were eliminated, just not in the way you thought. I like it when authors throw things that you do not expect near the end of books. It makes you want to read them again to find out if you missed anything.
I completely enjoyed reading this book. The hero realized he could not live without the heroine. And the heroine realized that she could love the hero so much that nothing else mattered.

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