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Indelible by Lani Woodland
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Oct 18, 2011

really liked it
Read from October 18 to 22, 2011

Yara has more mysteries to deal with this time around of both the ghostly AND the earthly varieties. Number one ghost contender…Sophie Pendrell; this is one family that just won’t quit! Sophie has some unfinished business to attend to thanks to her husband as well as her own sense of duty to a promise made long ago, but will she let Yara help her? Eh, no. It seems she blames her for the mess that exists currently in conjunction with that promise and while it’s true, it is SOMEWHAT her fault…should that really matter? I mean, she was tricked into discovering the location of the hidden object that would lead to the potential unraveling of ...wait, I’ve said too much. O-O Ahem…moving on….

The story is chock full of information about the addictive nature of gambling, the dangers in messing with Mother Nature, and what darkness can be provoked when the wrong person is given a LITTLE too much power. We get reacquainted with the evil that is Thomas from book one, catching a glimpse of just how he became the way he was, what he hoped to accomplish, and the “gift” he left behind for Yara’s boyfriend, Brent. School politics come into play a time or two as they discover further connections to both themselves and the past but don’t be surprised if you get caught in the web they are spinning. The powers that be are controlling and vindictive…case closed.

Things are not all doom and gloom though. The Silva family gains the spotlight a time or two, especially Yara’s Grandmother Vovo...we catch up with Cherie (Yara's best girl friend) and Brent (Yara's formerly possessed...well, sorta...boyfriend)...and even learn a thing or two about a sect of American Wakers of which we weren't formerly aware. I would have never guessed the outcome for Sophie; as far as I was concerned this is one ghost that was written off. What’s that old saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Yeah, well how about try to kill me one or more times and still expect some help from me? O-O Yeah...can't say I see a yes in YOUR future. I definitely can’t wait to see how Yara’s growing powers come into play in book 3…and even Brent’s…and whatever happened to….oh no, you’re not gonna make me slip up this time!

In summary, book one introduced us to Yara’s world as she uncovered talents she didn’t know she had, and really didn’t want. Book two gets us more intimately acquainted with the ways of the Waker and all it entails as Yara embraces her power more fully…even if reluctantly….and accepts her family heritage. It’s a powerful role she has to play in the lives of those who’ve moved on unsuccessfully but one she must fully accept if she has any hope of controlling it as opposed to it controlling her. My one line verdict….I DEFINITELY have to see how it all ends! Recommended reading for teens and beyond.

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Reading Progress

10/18/2011 page 47
11.0% "Now that's one heck of a "welcome back students" party. Whew! Who ordered the paranormal special? Curious who the kid was that lured them though...and where he went...and with what.... *so many questions*"
10/18/2011 page 57
14.0% "Ha! That's certainly a Dad reaction any boy would fear..guess Brent's glad for the "distraction" even if it is his life on the line. What's with the spontaneous astral projecting though?"
10/18/2011 page 69
17.0% "Oh look....Tara and Brent both scored the internship the same place? With the same creepy background? O_o Coincidence? Ha! Yeah right....something is brewing...."
10/19/2011 page 84
20.0% "Holy snikies ....DJ popped up where...and just who are those men? *curious*"
10/20/2011 page 137
33.0% "Ooh interesting development. But what does it mean?"
10/21/2011 page 210
50.0% "What?!? No! Don't go in the dark room. . NEVER go in the dark room!"
10/22/2011 page 416
100.0% "Done! Whew. Now that was an ending...for now. Let's just say that book 3 is DEFINITELY on my wish list. Review to come ..."

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