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The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning
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What can I say, I love men with a little evil in them. Well in this case, a lot of evil, but Dageus is one sexy beast. If its Drustan against Dageus - Dageus would win every time.

Dageus used to the stones we heard about from the last book to travel through time and save his brother Drustan from dying in a fire while he was under his enchanted sleep. Unfortunately, he broke protocol and is in the doghouse for the transgression. This means, he's got 13 evil Druid souls inside of him. So far, he's managed to keep their invasion at bay (by 'tupping' *rolls eyes*), but he has to find a way to reimprison them. While he is searching/stealing/borrowing/bartering for texts that may help him reimprison the Evil Druids, he meets Chloe, our innocent antique-holic bookworm heroine, snooping through his things. She's a virgin (*mock surprise*) and Dageus never sleeps with virgins *rolls eyes, again* but he wants to keep her for as long as he can. In fact, she become his reason to live. Anyway, he invites her to help him on his endeavor by going to Scotland with him (to "translate" aka. to "tup"). Then he takes her to 16th century Scotland, through the stones. Anyway, in the end, they figure out who the bad guys are and try to figure out how to save Dageus, but things work out and everything ends HEA. Yea, I know, I'm not being overly descriptive, but read it. It was fun.

Dageus was smoking hot. He *fans self* I don't really have words to describe him, but I want him. Though his sex-maniac thing was sorta creepy and his pre-Chloe relationship almost made me not like him. But, for going through the stones for Drustan, has earned him a 'hot-hero-award' from me. Chloe wasn't too bad. I enjoyed her. She was nerdy and adorable and that French Maid scene made me crack up. It was hilarious.

Drustan and Gwen make an appearance, and so do Silvan and Nell. It's nice to have the entire family involved and they stayed true to their character. And, I loved seeing the cocky Adam Black. His book is next, I can't wait.

Overall, it was a good read and very entertaining. I could do without the couple "tupping" ALL the time, but whatevs. The story was superb and it was just a whole lot of fun, so I highly recommend it.
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25.0% "Somehow, I'm enjoying Dageus more than I did Drustan. I suspect it's because he's tortured and has some darkness in him. *facepalm*"
October 18, 2011 –
40.0% "Sexy time on a plane? how scandalous!"
October 18, 2011 –
50.0% "oh no, the books are gone!"
October 18, 2011 –
60.0% "oh my, their chemistry only gets hotter. *fans self* Ms. Moning, are you trying to kill me?"
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63.0% "Oh no, I hate when a hero says that. 'It will fit.' Kill me now"
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65.0% "Poor Chloe. Why can't he at least give her a hint that he's taking her to the past? Gwen was sorta warned."
October 19, 2011 –
70.0% "Honestly, if I encountered Dageus, I would faint. The darkness in him is freakin scary."
October 20, 2011 –
90.0% "I knew he had to sacrifice himself somehow, but how will he return to Chloe. He has to return, or what's the point of reading this? Dageus, come back, please. We (Chloe and I) miss you already."
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Regina This is my favorite one. :)

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Hey, I'm reading this too! Enjoy!

Nisha I'm really enjoying it so far. More so than Drustan's story, which I liked too.

Regina I am embarrassed to admit how many times I have read and listened to this one. More than 6x. The audio is fantastic.

Nisha The audio is amazing. I have to take breaks to fan myself.

Nisha He has such an amazing voice. I loved him doing Barrons. *drool*

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Great review! Just finished this one also. We are so in tune ;P

Nisha Thanks. >_< Are you reading Immortal Highlander next?

Nisha Me too. We are so in tune!

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