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Happy Birthday to Me Again by Brian  Rowe
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Oct 16, 2011

really liked it

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Everyone wishes they were younger at some point in their lives, but no one wants to be so young that they need to wear diapers.

Poor Cameron can't seem to catch a break, nearly a year ago he survived aging into an old man and nearly dieing. Since then life has been relatively normal and Cameron couldn't be more happy with his girlfreind/witch/fiance Liesel . Then things take a turn for the worst after the wedding is called off and Cameron finds himself yet again under an aging spell and this time he is aging backwards and Liesel is the only one that can save him except she's disappeared. Will Cameron find her before time runs out, and what secrets will he discover if he succeeds?

I was more than eager to read this book especially after the events of the first one, mostly out of curiosity as to what could possibly happen to Cameron next. I have to admit I was a bit worried that the sequel wouldn't live up to the first book but it completely blew me away. The beginnings all start out the same with the author giving us a glimpse into the most critical scenes of the story, which I found really refreshing. Usually a preface is either a short paragraph designed to leave readers confused, or its a few pages designed to leave readers even more confused and eager for some answers. I can honestly say I was not expecting what I was about to read, and at the risk of spoiling anything I will keep my mouth shut and just say that if you have toddlers running around keep a close eye on them you never know where they will end up....

While this book was great there were parts of it that I found to be a little slow or had me going, geez I don't know about that.. Cameron and Liesles relationship for example was a little iffy in the beginning, it felt kind of forced probably because I thought they were rushing into marriage way too soon but I quickly became a believer and watched them grow as a couple in many ways. There was a lot more humor in this installment, while the first book was filled with a mix of emotions I found myself laughing more in in this one. Cameron always seems to get himself into the most hilarious and yet again traumatizing situations there was one scene in particular (won't say which but trust me you will know it when you read it) where I almost fell off my bed dying of laughter and at the same time left me with a sour taste in my mouth just cause of what happened in the particular scene.... The last few chapters on the other hand were anything but funny, we finally learn the secrets that Liesel has desperately tried to keep hidden and the consequence for both her and Cameron's decisions. I have to say it was quite a roller coaster ride filled with mystery, danger, and a little doomsday, the last page especially left me absolutely speechless talk about an epic cliffhanger, we shall all just have to wait for the final book to come out and believe me when I say it can't come soon enough.

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