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The Great Pain Deception by Steven Ray Ozanich
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it was amazing

Does this book need a professional graphic designer?


I'm afraid this is one of the worst covers I've ever seen. It's not just the lack of professionalism in the design and typography but the imagery just screams "I'm a conspiracy nut!".

Does this book need a professional editor?


One example: I kept getting thrown by the switch from first person narrative to third person narrative. A paragraph would start talking about you, and then suddenly switch to she. This happened over and over. I think there was so much eagerness to use a female pronoun (as should be the case), that a consistent tense was completely lost. And the formatting, as it appears on the Kindle version really needs some work.

So far so bad. 1 star then?

Oh no. 10 stars where's the ten stars button?!

So - it's not perfect. But I did want to give some balance rather than just a load of gloating. Because the stuff above is irrelevant and frivolous in the grand scheme of things.

I've been in chronic pain for 15 or 16 years. I've lost count of the times I've wanted to cut off my own arm with a knife. I thought I had been battling with RSI all these years. But it wasn't RSI. Maybe at the very start, it was (Repetitive Strain Injury), and maybe there were some physical ergonomic issues. But if you have done everything *physically* possible to get rid of the pain, and it persists for 15 years, then it's so obvious (in hindsight) that the remaining chronic pain was not physical.

So it was all in your head?


That's one of the most misleading and damaging phrases in medical history. The pain was very physical. The pain was in my arms. But it was triggered by my brain. There's no way of saying this without sounding melodramatic, but it's simply a fact of TMS: My brain sent pain to my arms to distract me from emotional pain. It was trying to do me a favour.

That's TMS (tension myositis syndrome) in its most simplistic definition. And the only way to beat it is to use the conscious part of your brain to convince the autonomic part of your brain. "I know what you're up to, but you can stop it now, I'll deal with my emotions better I promise". I suspect I somehow gave my brain permission to do this because for years when my Social Anxiety was at its worst I said I would take the worst physical pain over mental pain any day of the week. Boom!

So - how do you convince your brain to stop sending pain to your body? Knowledge. Knowledge. Knowledge.

I read Doctor Sarno's book (the amazing doctor who discovered TMS), and I finally GOT IT and finally believed it (years after hearing about this book), and finally accepted that this wasn't "some weird stuff that might work for other people, but not me". But the Sarno book was only a starting point. I then listened to Sarno's book (The Mindbody Prescription: Healing the Body, Healing the Pain) audiobook. And then watched the movie: and then spent the last month totally immersing myself in the world of TMS, constantly feeding my brain with this medicinal knowledge. ( I also started seeing a therapist. And made sure I meditated every single day.) But I think this book was the key in driving the knowledge to my brain. It really drove home many points. Again and again. And by the time I got to the end, I no longer had the "I want to cut my own arm off" kind of pain. It's a miracle!!!

TMS sufferers are generally of a type: Goodists, perfectionists, people who want to be seen as good nice people and care way too much what other people think of them (no matter how hard they try not to give a ****). That's me all over. I saw myself all the way through this book.

I'm not 100% free of my chronic pain yet. I've maybe had a 50% pain reduction. But I can't express the relief and hope from discovering the answer to so many issues in this book. And getting some real pain relief after 15 long years.

- - - -

2020 Update: I'm pretty much 100% free of chronic pain now.
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Óscar SP Yes, the cover is the worst design ever!

Diana I am reading Dr Sarno book about back pain and I was planning to follow exactly the same reading path. Glad to hear it is working for you. Thanks for sharing your experience.

John Braine Welcome. If you're interested in journaling as a road to recovery, I would recommend The Meaning of Truth: Embrace Your Truth. Create Your Life. as a next read.

Diana John wrote: "Welcome. If you're interested in journaling as a road to recovery, I would recommend The Meaning of Truth: Embrace Your Truth. Create Your Life. as a next read."

Wow it looks good, I'll add it to my list. Thank you! I started writing today, I did my first exercise of expressive writing - I subscribed to "Curable" the app, and it is one the exercises there.
I am convinced this is the right path to recovery and I am really happy I've finally found it!

message 5: by Philip (new) - added it

Philip Storey Great review. (Must be cuz yer from Dublin)... I'm halfway through the book and i though do find his narrative dance unsettling at times he answers a lot of the questions i had after reading 2 of Sarnos book.

John Braine Thanks! I recently wrote a bit more on the subject

Hey!! did you grow up in Corbawn in Shankill!? You look very like a guy I knew with your surname, which I think was your nickname also If I've got any of this right.

I remember you being quite an interesting dude. And I wondered what happened to you. You were older than me but I think you might have been friends with one of my older brothers briefly before you moved elsewhere.

Small world to bump into you in relation to a book on a relatively obscure subject!

message 7: by Philip (new) - added it

Philip Storey Guilty as accused!

Who's your brother?

I just got through reading your blog post which is phenomenal.

John Braine Ha, cool!

Can't remember which brother - it might have been Aid, Ger or Willie.


message 9: by Philip (new) - added it

Philip Storey Were youse in Rathsallagh? I just saw Tommy Farrell last September

message 10: by John (new) - rated it 5 stars

John Braine No - we were on Quinn's Road. Across from the shops. But I knew a lot of people from Rathsallagh alright.

message 11: by Philip (new) - added it

Philip Storey gotcha. lots of good people around there. I still keep in touch with Bernard Clarke.

I'm at the elusive stage with my TMS.
Had a couple of epidural injections last month after 3 months of leg and back pain but felt zero improvement so i found Sarno's book and got 5 hours pain free the very next day. Its been back and forth since then but I'm fully committed.

I liked your point about how on days when you procrastinated and got little done your TMS would be worst. i have the exact same issue

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