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Yotsuba&! 10 by Kiyohiko Azuma
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Oct 16, 2011

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bookshelves: manga, read-in-2011
Recommended for: fans of slice of life and children

** spoiler alert ** I think this is actually the darkest I've seen Yotsuba& go so far - Yotsuba borrows a big ball that people usually use to sit and balance on for their health and realizes how enjoyable it is to bounce around the house - in the course of that she manages to break a whole lot and when her dad asks her about it she starts lying and getting ever more deeper into lies, finally inventing a lying bug which is inside her.

So far so normal for a kid that age - what may surprise and upset some people is that her dad takes her along to a shrine, puts her inside the fenced-off area where the fierce Deva guardian statues are and tells her they enjoy eating lying bugs which scares Yotsuba so much she starts bawling like anything. Not until she admits, loudly crying, that she was the liar herself, does her dad take her out of that fenced area and makes her promise to never lie again. He does hold her in his arms however and later on starts playing with that ball together with her. I'm sure this shock therapy worked a treat for a solution in the short term, but I wonder how much trust Yotsuba lost in her dad with this...

On the other hand the first story showed how incredibly patient her dad is otherwise, when Yotsuba was trying again and again and again to make pancakes just as well as her dad can (and he kept buying ingredients to let her try), so...

We also get treated to what it's like to take Yotsuba to an electronics market and we meet the robot made of cardboard boxes again - Yotsuba still doesn't know he was a homework project for Miura. It's lovely to see Ena and Miura come up with various explanations why only the head lies in her room on its side. And in the end we get the transcendent influence of Yotsuba again when Miura in the robot costume accompanies her to the play ground and all the people who meet them are amazed and amused, from grown-ups to kids.

Side-Note: I really like the way the translator used words to show that Yotsuba has troubles using certain phrases or difficult words.
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