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Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta
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Oct 16, 2011

it was ok


My Review of Looking for Alibrandi
It was a fairly enjoyable book, if you’re into that kind of read. Josephine was an interesting character, though incredibly stupid and ignorant and at times you want to hit her on the head with a science textbook.
I think that 40% of the book was interesting and meaningful content, which added to the novel and the rest was waffle that filled pages in-between. There were times in the book when the incessant waffle of Josie about the burdens of her Italian background was almost unbearable.
I feel that some characters could have been expanded more. There were numerous times when there was an opportunity for us to learn about this mysteriously complex character of Jacob Coote and yet the author didn’t let us!
I can’t say that this book was entirely predictable because although I knew John was mentally unstable I didn’t think he was going to commit suicide and I thought that Jacob and Josie were going to be together and they didn't. Whether these elements of the novel added to the story I am still undecided.
If your usual read is the ‘Little Red Car’ of the ‘Big Pancake’ this book is exciting, with big words and swearing, although if you like something more eventful this is not the book for you. It was like a bus ride home in traffic, plodding along, not really getting anywhere and at the end, you’re glad to get home.
In summary, I don’t think I would read this book again or inflict it on anyone else unless I really disliked him or her. I also feel sorry for the guys in our English class who had to read this (or enjoyed it. they should really get out more).
P.s. sorry about not hiding this review, I'm not sure how
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