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Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
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Oct 15, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: science-fiction, young-adult

Personal Reaction:

I listened to this book on audio. I liked the fact that the audio made the book more authentic because of the Austro - Hungarian dialect. Out of all the books I have had to read for Young Adult Literature this is by far my least favorite. I tried to listen to it with an open mind, but I really struggled with following all the War information, genetically engineered animals, and everyone's real motive.

Deryn, a girl disguised as a boy, who joined the Darwinists as an Air Man was very likeable. As was, Alek who was the son of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. They both seemed very innocent, hardworking, and wanting to find their place amongst all of the uncertainty. I was surprised to read someone like Alek who had been trained with the best to survive and prepare himself for a situation like the one he was in to be so careless. Would someone in his position really venture out of his safety net up to a large ship that could possibly be the enemy?

The Leviathan is a fascinating invention by Westerfeld. It was created with such detail to the Darwinist belief behind it. The Cyclop Stormwalker sounded like a creature taken from a Star Wars movie. Both of these served their purpose well in the book and were a crucial part to the story. It was interesting to read the certain parts of World War 1 history that were true.

As I read I wondered what was going to come of the people on the Leviathan, Alek, and his men. Were they going to be captured? Was Deryn going to tell the captain who Alek really was? When I got to the end I just kept thinking you gotta work faster and lift the Leviathan up. The ending was quite different from what I expected. Instead it ended with me thinking what was in those eggs that Dr. Barlow cared so much about? What was their purpose?

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