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Spy Glass by Maria V. Snyder
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Oct 15, 2011

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bookshelves: fantasy, young-adult
Read from October 28 to 29, 2011

** spoiler alert ** mmmmmm...Opal continues to find herself... and this time she only gets 'captured' and 'tortured' for a short time, when she is under the magical control of Finn - and she effectively manages to counter him (though this time she engages the help of her friends).

She can feel magic, move through magic, but she cannot weild magic. And she mourns the loss, a part of her is gone. And remembering that her blood was taken, she heads back to Fulgar, to where Ulrick & ?? are imprisoned, to find out where her blood is. Once there, she reunites with guards Nic and Eve; and when she meets with Councilor Tama Moon (whom she rescued from the 'soul' exchange imposed on her by her sister, she finds a frightened woman unable to function - and understanding how she feels, she makes it her job to help her... and then she sees Devlen, serving his 5 years... and she finds herself drawn to him... He continues to prove himself to her, to her well being. They exchange a few kisses, and she is confused about her feelings for him vs Kade. Devlen uses his Davian storytelling skills to help her sort through her feelings... and he understands how it is not have the magic they had..... and he counsels her on being Opal, not Opal the glass magician or not Opal the troublemaker or Opal the.....

She's trying to figure a way into the maximum security prison, and is 'duped' by the Luietenant Finn... who ends up to be a terrible enemy... he tries to befriend her, then he drugs her, and finds out about her personal mission to find her blood, and about her immunity to magic. Then she calls for Valek to help her... and Valek does by training her for 4 months to be a spy - and then sends her into the prison alone to get the information she needs. In the meantime, she has asked Kade to leave her alone (though they had made tenative plans to spend the warm season together)... She succeeds in getting the information, but needs Valek's help in getting out of the prison, as Finn is there to stop her... and Valek assassinates the 5 who knew about the specifics of blood magic. and then Finn escapes with her recovered blood.

Valek and his men are searching for her blood, and she goes to Kade. And she tells Kade all - even about Devlen... and Kade accepts it, though reluctant, and asks her to come and be his wife, something she can't quite see doing. He thinks that now without her magic she'd be ready to settle, and has to work to let her go..

then back at the Citadel, she helps a young wizard, Teegan, who is loosing control of his magic and no one can get to him... Reema, who already has some magic. They are of a Bloodgood clan with an extreme magic leader (fanatic, all women must marry and mate with him, though they can marry another if he approves... he wants to have losts of children, he controls them with fear of harm to their loved ones, and he is harvesting pearls & black diamonds from the sea, and manipulating the market)... and mom escaped with them, they lived in poverty, mom died, and they lived in squaller near the citadel, fearful of Fisk and the street 'children' he educates and cares for (the next book?)... Opal has care for Reema as her brother recooperates, and ultimately she adopts them...

Back at the Citadel, and the two master magicians know of her immunity to magic, and with the help of the kids, she realizes that her new glass objects flash when someone uses magic... and then Vasco and Pazia encase a black diamond (from the fanatical clan) that enhances and focuses magic, allows long distance communication, and is rechargeable... Opal goes to make sure they are not using her blood in the glass... and determines that Finn is Pazia's brother - but in fact, though Finn isn't the brother, he is on Vasco's payroll... and in disguise as the mine patron, he takes Opal into the mine, orchestrates a cavein to make it look like she is dead, gives her back her blood (therefore her power), but injects his blood into her - and each time she uses magic, it binds her to him... until she is subject to his commands...

They go to the Bloodgood crazy clan... and Opal uses her strengths to stop both Finn/Galen and the clan head crazyman... she encourages the clanspeople to join in a revolt... showing them how to use what they have on hand to make weapons (glass knives, plant poisons, etc), looking for the loopholes in Galen's commands, pitting one against the other, collecting containers, and ultimately to trust Devlen, who on the surface is Galen's boy, but he's there to help her... Kade, Valek, Yalena, Eve, Janco, etc show up to help her ... and Devlen proves himself ultimately, when Valek tells her (when it's over) that Devlen insisted they not just free Opal (which would be easy), but that they help the clan free themselves - what Opal would want. The crazy man, fearing Galen's takeover (and rightly so) and wanting the protection of his clan, leaves her two vials of her own blood.

And after the revolt (and she managed to avoid being raped by both the head crazy and Finn/Galen), Kade gives her his blessing, and she and Devlen marry and arrange to adot the orphan magicians - and she realizes she can be just Opal - she has one vial left of her blood (which she secures at the citadel), she and Devlen are prepared to help Valek or the council if called upon, they will care for their adopted children and have a few of their own, she will make her glass, and it will be okay... ahhhh

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