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Calico Captive by Elizabeth George Speare
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May 15, 2008

really liked it

Loved it. It's an upper grade school level book about the French and Indian time period. What I liked most about this book is that it gives details about indian capture, but not in gorey detail for a 10 year old girl to read. It also gives many perspectives because the main character is captured by the indians, then ransomed and held as a servant in a rich Frenchman's home, befriended by the French daughter who is her age. Then when the ransom is paid (but she isn't picked up by her father yet) she is moved up to guest status, and experiences a whole new world of balls and gowns and dining with the rich. Then the family suspects the father isn't coming for her and she is kicked out, a homeless English girl on the streets of Montreal, where the French dispise the English. She has to struggle to survive. There is also a wee little love story as a young French vouyager falls in love with her (but at the same time the rich French girl assumes her status will secure marriage with this rich French man's son) while her heart is still with the young man she met the week before she was taken by the indians. She isn't even sure he is still alive or still available (it's been nearly two years). Will she marry the rich French voyageur who will never be at home and live in Montreal? Or will she go with the other ransomed British on a ship back to England, buy a ticket to come back to the colonies, and find her first love? Read it and find out.

Clare, Ben, and Isaiah all liked it.
Clare liked the love story, I don't think the boys even noticed it :-)

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