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We the Animals by Justin Torres
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Oct 14, 2011

did not like it
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Here's a review in keeping with the half-baked animal theme supposedly running through this "novel": this book is horseshit. As both a homosexual and a publishing professional, I am ashamed that this is what is considered laudable queer literature these days. This is an intermittently interesting but preciously overwrought series of writing exercises in that unpleasant, twee, self-fellating "MFA style" we know and hate, haphazardly strung together so it eventually gags on its own crap like in The Human Centipede. At the end there is of course a convoluted, manhandled, and cliched moment of sexual awakening (of a never-before alluded to sexuality) that was so pointless and inept it made me want to go back in the closet.

I'm not ashamed I bought this glorified bit of firewood [trivia: "faggot" is an olde English term for a bundle of kindling] because I am always happy to give $18 to the wonderful Spoonbill & Sugartown Books, but I'm telling you now, you're an idiot if you drop the cost of a round of beers for 3 friends on this. If I see you out in the world even eyeing this book, I will first take $5 from your pocket as a moron tax and then make you spend the balance on the new Dennis Cooper novel.

PS. I know two does not a trend make, but with this book by Justin Torres and Tango by Justin Vivian Bond both battling it out for the crown of Queen of the Overhyped Gay Short Story Masquerading As an Actual Novel, it's clear one should give a wide berth to anything by queers named Justin.
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message 1: by eq (new)

eq Bwahahaha. Haven't even read the book but your reviews are awesome.

message 2: by Gwen (new)

Gwen This is brilliant. XD Now I want to read more of your recommendations for actually good gay interest fiction.

Richard It's hard to compare one novel to a body of work, but I'll take Torres' next novel over Cooper's any day.

message 4: by Roger (new)

Roger Kean Any opinion has some validity, but it is a bit hard to accept the view of someone who in their "About Me" says only : AMAZON...FUCK YOU. It's just that the phrase is so… inadequate.

CGregory this review is totally awesome. live it!!!

message 6: by Dillwynia (new)

Dillwynia Peter Current gay lit runs counter to the presumption that The Gays excel in the Arts. Sadly, the tone has been plummeting since the Purple Quill set started pumping out their stuff.

You won't be taking a $5 Moron Tax from my pocket. Thanks for the review

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