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Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie
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Oct 14, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: romance, e-book, my-fav, chicklit

It's my first Crusie's book I read, and I'm glad it's a good choice to start.

I adored chicklit genre couple years ago before my current YA favourit choice of readings.
Reading this book reminds me what I missed from a book that mainly YA genre fail to fulfilled. The maturity, the uncertainty, the freedom, the fear and the power of being a single and happy female. I love and very much enjoy reading Bet Me, I don't want this book to be finished when I achieved The End on the last page of the book.

How can you resist falling in love with a man who adores you for what you are? With her plain face, round body, awful taste of fashion but great collection of shoes, Min knows she's not a goddess. While for 30 years her mother stamped her as a plain fat duckling and her ex-boyfriend always pointed on her weight, Cal made her feel sexy and beautiful. But with his commitment phobia, Min knows he isn't good for her.

Calvin Morrisey is every girls' secret dream, God's Gift to Women. Success, gorgeous, empathetic, amazing in bed and alergyc to relationship. But annoyingly he was distracted by Min, a chubby, average looking female his friend bet him to sleep with in a month. Despite his annoyance on Min's bitchiness and self consciousness, he adores the smart, kind and funny Min. His nephew is crazy for her, his lesbi next-door friend worship her, and he lust on her soft body, her deprave angelic face, her cute toes and fantatic choice of shoes.
Bad past experince made Min a man-hating bitch who never believe on a happily ever after stories, while Cal is a woman-fearing coward. When they fall for each other, both keep to fight the attractiveness and go separate way of each other, but several weird coincidents keep made them end up with each other anyway. So under Min's lack of trust to him, Cal insist to chase her. Would the bet destroyed their sweet relationship?

I like every characters in this book, I love the solid bonding on Min-Bonnie-Liza friendships, I love the light, fresh and even the bitchy dialogs in it, I adore the romance scene and the chemistry building between Cal and Min, I was cracking out loud everytime Cal or Min carelessly injured themself (literally) when they tried to oppose their feelings. Oh, and I really love Crusie's writing style. It's very fresh and entertaining.
I'm glad I found this book and willing to be recommended to other Crusie's lovely books.
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Rie_dominique biasanya aku ga suka chiclit. tapi sejak dirimu rekomen Unsticky aku jadi nyari2 novel chiclit lain.

tapi entah kenapa kalo ke toko buku and lihat novel2 chiclit terjemahan tetap aja ga selera. kenapa ya???

Mary Haha...nanti aku cari'in yg lain yg bagus deh. Chicklit terjemahan yg lama2 malah byk yg bagus. See my fav. Byk yg nggak aku kasih review krn kadang ceritanya udh lupa.
Oh, as a start try Honey Trap by Julie Cohen. Yg ini terjemahan, ebooknya ga beredar sampe skr. Kl kamu nemu sih aku mau bgt.

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