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A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin
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Oct 13, 2011

it was ok
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Oh my God, I finally finished reading it. A Dance with Dragons is the 5th book of A Song of Ice and Fire series of George R. R. Martin. If you're a fan of the book you already knew that the 5th book is not a continuation of the 4th book, but still the continuation of the 3rd book A Storm of Swords. The 4th and the 5th book were actually just one book and the reason for dividing it to two books is that if the author decided to just make it one book it will be composed of 2, 000 pages which probably the reader wouldn't like because that would really look like an encyclopedia rather than a book.

And maybe if you have been my goodreads friend you have probably noticed that I'm a big fan of the book series . Actually I started reading it because I saw my father watching the TV adaptation and I'm also a big fan of the TV adaptation on HBO.

So you probably wonder why I gave it a low rating, but sadly I can only discuss my reasons through spoiling things or events that happen inside the book that I really don't like. So if you're okay with reading spoilers or you already read the book you are free to continue reading this review.




Okay...So I guess if you truly have read the book you knew that George R.R. Martin killed Jon Snow in the book. I know that George R.R. Martin really kills major characters if he thinks it is truly necessary like Ned Stark, Rob Stark, Khal Drogo, Maester Aemon, etc. In fact, at first I kind of like that he kills characters because it truly shows that he's not afraid to take risks and it makes the story more believable and thrilling. However, I can't accept that he killed Jon Snow because he is one of my favorite characters and it is not easy for me to just shrug it off because I thought that Jon Snow is one of those characters that will live through the end. A lot of the fans speculated that he is not dead and he will survive, but I think that is impossible because he obviously got mortal wounds. Some even speculated that he can be undead like Catelyn because Melissandre can probably do some sort of magic to revive him. However, undead means like he will be more like a zombie and I don't want Jon Snow to be a zombie for God's sake. Maybe this will all be cleared in the 6th book whether Jon Snow is dead, alive or will become undead. However, knowing George R.R. Martin the possibility that he's dead is bigger and you know probably he's really dead and the fans like me just can't accept it. Like his father Ned and brother Robb. Dead and gone forever.

Secondly, I also dislike reading Cersei's walk of shame. In which to atone her sins she needed to walk naked, barefoot and shaved. Like they shaved her head and all of her body hairs like pubic hair, the hair on her legs, underarms, etc. Then, she was walking and all of these people (men, women, children) just look at her and shouting nasty words like they told her that her breasts are sagging and her body is ugly because it has stretchmarks and stuff like that. Also, they throw things at her, etc. Being a girl reading it feels like it was too cruel and even if I am not a fan of Cersei because she's a bitch and it's just I really don't like her. I can't really feel like it was appropriate to do that to Cersei. I really find it too cruel and misogynistic.

Third, I find the story very dragging and I know the author was really trying hard to get all of these subplots and major plots in this book. For me, it became really confusing and there are just a lot of characters and story arcs. Again, this is not the continuation of the 4th book. So the 4th book and the 5th book have the same timeline it just that, the difference is the setting and the characters. One story arc from the 4th book was continued in the 5th book and this is the Cersei Arc. Since in the 4th book Cersei was captured and in the 5th book the story continues for the atonement of her sins. So I just really find it confusing I know that the TV editors and producers will be having a lot of hard time arranging the arcs for the TV adaptation.

So that's it...2 stars and I really feel happy that I read this monstrous book series and now two more books to go. The 6th will probably release after five years so good luck to my memory. I wish I can still be a fan of this book series and finish it in the future. However, I probably will not re-read the books, but I will still continue to watch the next seasons of the TV adaptation.
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message 1: by Veneficus (new)

Veneficus whoa! Ang bilis. Nasa book 3 pa lang Ako. T_T

Joyzi hehe sobrang nakakaadik kasi e, kaso ang komplikado naman ng story nito, naguguluhan na ko

message 3: by Veneficus (new)

Veneficus hala. Muntikan Ko ng basahin yung mga reviews mo sa books 3 and 4. Haha.

Tama, sobrang nakaka-adik nga 'to. Mga ilang gabi na Akong 'di pinatulog nung book 2 last month. Haha. Kainggit, patapos mo na. Too bad, mukhang matatagalan pa 'ata i-release (sana 'di totoong 'di n'ya itutuloy ang series. T_T) nung next installment sa series.

Joyzi parang mabagal ata magsulat yung writer parang five years ang gap before the next book, so mga 5 years pa for book 6 and another five for book 7. Wish ko lang di siya mamatay or whatever medyo matanda na rin kasi siya. Yung book 3 yung the best, ang saya ang dami nangyari.

message 5: by Veneficus (new)

Veneficus oo nga eh, sana nga bago pa man ang 'sunset' n'ya, matapos man lang sana yung series. Whoa! Na-excite naman Ako lalo r'on. Sana nga maumpisahan Ko na yung 3. Kaso lang, masakit sa mata ang e-book. Tsk.


Winter is coming. . .

Joyzi naku pagdating mo ng book 4 di mo na pwede sabihin ang winter is coming haha

message 7: by Veneficus (new)

Veneficus WAAAAAAA... We'll see. haha

message 8: by Mïmïé (new)

Mïmïé I absolutely LOVE this series. It was a long read, but a very worthwhile one. I like the reviews you wrote for the rest of the books in the series. They capture what I thought of them, precisely. Did you read Vampire Academy? Because everyone is saying its so amazing and I don't even know what it's about! Thanks

Joyzi @Memei yes I read The Vampire Academy. I really like them but I was disappointed with the last book. But I really recommend it. It was action-packed unlike Twilight.

Keely It did dwindle by 600 pages or so and then picked up again a hundred pages close to the end :)

message 11: by Lynchan (new) - added it

Lynchan Seven hells this makes me saaaaaad!! Jon Snow is my favourite!!

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