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A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
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Oct 13, 2011

it was amazing
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Okay so this book is actually book 2 of the series called A Song of Ice and Fire. So you need to read Game of Thrones first before jumping into this one. Also, there is an HBO TV series named Game of Thrones and you can watch that if you're not okay with reading very long books.

Game of Thrones Pictures, Images and Photos

To be honest with you, I started reading half of the book 1 GoT and then I decided to watch the TV series until the last episode. Therefore, by the time I consumed my reading of the 1st book I think my excitement in reading it was lessened because I already know what was going to happen. So when I was reading the second half of GoT I was not really enjoying it and I just wanna get over it to read the second book.

When I started reading this, I don't have any idea what will happen because the TV series will have the season 2 next year in April. I think that really helps for me to like this one better than the first one.

The feeling is, I know that this one is really long, but ironically I just can't get enough of it and I just wanted more. It seems like you really enjoyed it that you do not care even if it is very long and you do not have this feeling that you are bored or the story is draggy.

So for those of you who are afraid to read the series because you think you will not enjoy it because it is too long, just give it a try and it was really addicting and good. You will find it hard to stop reading. That's how good it is.

What I find unique about this series is that the author is actually very brutal to the main characters - the Stark Family. He lacks romanticism. Do you know the difference between a romantic and a realistic?

So here's the situation there is a farm girl who is barefooted in the mud. A romantic will see it like there's a very beautiful girl and that she's barefooted and the romantic will find the feet sexy and the girl smelling flowers and sunshine. Whereas, a realistic will find the scene disgusting and the realistic perceives that foot is calloused, cracked, dried, ugly because she's in the mud and she's barefooted and she's an ugly farm girl.

The author is a realistic more than romantic. So don't expect happy endings and good triumphs over evil. Expect the worst. Expect that life will be awful. Children, women, weak people are going to be abused, raped, killed, etc.

This is not really a happy story and more of a tragic story.


Jon Snow

***Jon's story here is not really that exciting. Someone told me that his story will bloom at book 3. So in here he became a ranger and then I think he killed somebody on the Night's Watch which I kind of forgot the name. He was now in the hands of these wildlings and they make him yield and sort of killed his companion, which is a member of the Night's Watch to spare his life (Complicated stuff, but actually he's not a traitor of the Night's Watch and it was like an act he played.)

There was also a scene here wherein he spare the life of Ygrette a girl wildling because he can't kill the girl. Because of that I really admire Jon Snow because in this book men are very cruel to women (women are raped, abused, killed, etc.) and what Jon Snow did to this girl made him more human.


***Her story is also not that exciting. I think she can't really fight for the Iron Throne right now. Her dragons are now growing. In the end she finds ships for her khalasar so that they can pass the sea and go to Westeros. Some of the scenes got me really thinking. So there is a prophecy for her. There will be three treason that will happen: treason for blood, treason for gold and treason for love. There are a lot more prophecies, but I kind of don't remember them now, but they always include the number three.


***I think Tyrion is more on the good side rather than the bad side. He's really a peculiar character. He seems to defy the Lannisters. He makes plot against Cersei and Joeffrey, but in the end I think he's loyal to his blood, but still there are times that it really feels weird for me that he's really fond of Starks. He's sad when he knows about Bran and Rickon killed and beheaded in the Winterfell where he shouldn't be feeling that way because the Starks are their enemy. He even protected Sansa from Joeffrey.

At first I feel that he's too cunning and that he will outwit Cersei and that he will be a good Hand of the King. But I think he fails in that one. He ended up injured because of the battle between King's Landing and Stannis Baratheon. He suffers a burn in his face.


***So Arya change her name a lot in this book. From Arya to Arry to Weasel to Nam. She lost Needle the sword given to her by Jon Snow. At the end of the novel she's escaping from Harrenhal with Genry and Hot Pie. I really find her POV exciting and a lot of fun. There's this scene wherein she was fighting the army of the Lannister together with Yoren and the recruit of the Night Watch and she's shouting Winterfell! She's just a cute, strong and lovable character.


***So Bran find out that he has a talent with dreams which I forgot what's the name of that talent. But he kinds of have a glimpse of the future through his dreams which should be interpreted first because they are symbolic dreams.

At the end of the novel Theon attacked Winterfell and then he allegedly killed Bran and Rickon and place their heads in the spikes, but we find out that it is a fake death. And the heads are not really Bran's and Rickon's.

So what happened to them in the end is that they are escaping Winterfell: Bran, Rickon, Osha, Hodor, Summer, Shaggydog with the two children I kind of forgot the names.

Winterfell is on fire btw and all is likely dead: Micken, Maester Luwin, etc.


***Where the hell is Robb? He's kind of battling and it was told he's always winning. It is more like telling than showing when it comes to Robb. I think the TV series will do justice on this character than in the books.


***Still a captive in the Riverrun I think Cately killed him, but I'm not really sure. He's drinking a wine given by Cately and I'm not sure if the wine is poisoned. Catelyn called Brienne she's like bring me your sword and I think Catelyn will kill him.

So who now holds the Iron Throne?

King Joeffrey still holds the Iron Throne. Cersei is still the Queen and regent. He's now betrothed to Maergery the ex-Queen of King Renly. Lord Tywin is now the Hand of the King. Sansa and Joeffrey's betrothal is now invalid and void. However, Sansa is still a hostage and most likely be Joeffrey's mistress and mother of his bastards. Sansa is now menstruating btw.

King Renly is dead and he's killed by a shadow like a sorcery kind of stuff. King Stannis is defeated, but I'm not sure if he's dead. King Robb is winning, he gets Harenhal, but he lost Winterfell to Theon Greyjoy. King Greyjoy (forgot the name) claim the Iron Islands and Winterfell.
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Arizel紫 Me too!

Joyzi ^^

Maria Joyzi, marathon ka ng series na to ah =)

Joyzi yes I'm planning to read until Dance with the Dragons

message 5: by Rollie (new)

Rollie Haha. adik ka na. :)

Joyzi Rollie maganda 'to promise. Don't be too intimated basta try to read o kaya watch may TV series naman e

message 7: by Rollie (new)

Rollie Oo babasahin ko yan soon.

Joyzi basahin mo na ^^

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) I didn't read the spoilers because I am not that far into the book. (was sure tempted though) I read the first one and have not seen the series -waiting for that to come out on DVD. I have put this down for awhile as I really got bogged down in all the names and keeping track of who is who and whose ancestor I should remember. But I will read it as I did enjoy the first one and I have the series!

Joyzi nice, yeah there's a lot of characters and houses you need to keep track on but I really wish you continue reading it ^^

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) Oh, I will get back to it. When it starts getting dark out at six and evenings are LONG. I should not have started The Name of the Wind because it is a big book too... But if I put it down now I will have to start all over. And Inheritance comes out in two weeks and it's another long book, but my son will read it immediately and want to talk about it. So many books, so little time.

Joyzi wow, is Inheritance another epic fantasy?

message 13: by Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) (last edited Oct 24, 2011 06:26AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) Inheritance is the fourth & final book in the Eragon series. I'd call it epic fantasy. And waiting for the next book has been as long as waiting for another Outlander book.

Have you read the Tairen Soul series by CL Wilson? It starts with Lord of the Fading Lands It is hard for me to name a series or single book that is my all time favorite but this series is probably it. The day I put down the fifth and final book I picked up the first one and read the whole series over again. My son and my brother both loved them and several friends have felt the same way. Some people have said the covers are cheesy - forget the covers! It's what is between them that is incredible.

Joyzi ok thanks I'll check it out

Veneficus Tyrion FTW!

Great review, Joyzi! :D

Joyzi thanks, mag-eenjoy ka sa book 3 happy reading and enjoy the brutal ride

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