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Prowl the Night by Crystal Jordan
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Oct 12, 2011

really liked it
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Prowl the Night by Crystal Jordan
Grade: B
“You are a pain in the ass, you know that, right?” “Well, then, we’re well-matched in that as well, aren’t we?”

Prowl the Night is an anthology by Crystal Jordan and contains two stories, Crave Me and Want Me. Both stories are from the same series about shape shifting Panther tribes and their politics. This is the second book in the series but I found it very easy to get the general idea of what had happened in the previous book and jump right into thee two stories.
Crave Me tells the tale of a mated couple, Ciri and Tomas Montoya, who have been married for only six months and having major communication issues. Tomas is the future heir of the South American Pride and Ciri is not from a leading family and hails from the Asia Pride. They are now living in San Francisco with the North American Pride while Tomas works to help maintain and strengthen trust between these two powerful Prides. To say that Ciri is dealing with a major culture shock is an understatement. She has been taken away from everything and everyone she has ever known and he husband has turned into a workaholic and left her to fend for herself.
The relatinship between Ciri and Tomas broke my heart and I found myself very angry at the way Tomas treated Ciri and expected her to change into this mold of a wife that he wanted. Ciri is a great character and I loved that she didn’t fold and stuck true to who she is. She stood up for herself and made Tomas realize what a jerk he was being and what he was really asking her to do. I did feel bad for Tomas because I don’t think he really knew what he was doing to Ciri. Like many workaholics he had way too much to do and people coming at him from all sides and the problems in his marriage took a back seat. I loved watching these two start to communicate and realize that they had to work together to save their marriage.
Want Me picks up right where Crave Me left off but is the story of Teresa Garcia and Rafael Santiago. Teresa is the heir to the European Pride and is in San Francisco to attend a peace summit between all of the Prides. Rafe is a member of the North American Pride and is a freelance journalist who has just come home after being away for months for work. Teresa and Rafe meet at the airport and with just one look they both know they are mates. Rafe is happy he found his mate and feels like he found they missing piece of himself while Teresa is terrified that she found the mate. These two struggle with past events that have shaped Teresa’s view on mates and her fear of completing the bond.
I liked this story less then Cave Me but it was still very good. I liked seeing how the mating process happens and how it affects each person as well as their panther. I never felt lost while reading this story which is amazing because all of Teresa’s fear of mating stems from her brother losing his mate, going insane and trying to force the mating bond onto another female. All of this was told in the previous book but was retold very well so readers aren’t lost. I really liked both Teresa and Rafe a lot and I really liked them as a couple. Teresa did get on my nerves a little towards the end but not enough for me to really dislike her. I enjoyed watching Rafe chase and wear down all of Teresa’s walls.
I really enjoyed Prowl the Night and loved the way this book was written. There was a little bit too much sex in the book for me which is why I didn’t rate it higher. I just felt that every other scene was a sex scene and found some to be unnecessary and just there to make the story longer. I loved the politics within the Prides and the debates about non shifters and humans. I really liked this book and will be reading the next in the series especially to see what happens with these great characters and their relataionships.

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