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Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong
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May 14, 2008

really liked it
Recommended for: Anthropologists

** spoiler alert ** "Tell our father he doesn't have enough to buy me off. By Cabal law, I am entitled to a seat on the board and stock shares and my birthright is not for sale" - Carlos

This book accomplishes what neither novella would have achieved separately, The dual narratives of Lucas and Hope saved this book from mediocrity and the series is given life once more. Hope finds love, Lucas finds loss and the outline for book nine is revealed. Leaving Jasper alive was a master-stroke which leaves the reader thinking of the last time a villain escaped...

Leah got her what she deserved in such a way that could not have been achieved at the end of 'Stolen'. Killing Jasper off would have been in bad taste; the guy's twin has just died and the reader is not made of stone, we feel for him and his death will be all the sweeter with a little time passing.

Lucas' ascension moves ever closer, I think bk 12 is a reasonable prediction. He's darker now, did you notice it? He's willing to make sacrifices and a rift is growing between him and Paige. The seeds of dissent have been planted, their morality in question.

The delicious thoughts of conspiracy which fill the mind of the reader during the Cabal assassinations come to nothing. I found it quite anti-climactic that it was the gang behind it all along, quite a let-down when it could have been Carlos. The Haig thing was predictable, as was the glamour, but this only makes the ending more bitter-sweet, the reader feels with a dull certainty that Sonny's death will be avenged.

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