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Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick
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Oct 12, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: demons-and-angels, young-adult
Recommended for: A lonely soccer mom or a pyscho

** spoiler alert ** 2 stars

I would have gave it a one but it was so much better then Cresendo. Boring but still bearable. There is a book 4 as well coming out? I'm pretty much with the people saying WHYYYYYY?

Her turning Nephilim didn't shock me in the least bit. I thought she was going to turn into one in book two but they broke up. Nora is still the same except she gets her memory erased. So she has a chance to redeem herself but nope she'd rather be the airhead braindead twit she was in Cresendo. REALLY nora?

Scott came back which I'm glad. You see a more playful side to him and I still don't know why he even cares about her when she put him through so much bullshit. Hank Millar got more snarky and evil towards the end and gasp I actually liked Marcie. I didn't really expect that to happen. Truth be told, she tells it how it is and she hates Nora for her dumbness about as much as I do.

Nora: Cry. Whine Whine Whine. Does something stupid. Why poor ole me? Everyone is so unfair. Pouts. Color black turns me on. I'm not shallow but I only like guys for their sexy figures. Marcie is mean. Im being mind tricked! but I won't do anything about it think I'll just sit here. Yea good idea. I'll just complain because that will solve everything.

Nora's Mom: Don't forget to eat your vegetables and do your homework. I'll freak out everytime you leave, did I mention I'm dating your dad? Oh thats right I never told you he was. I just kept you in the dark. I'm as clueless as you dear. I think I'll control your life and who you date from now on.

Vee: Sex Sex s e x. Omg Cheetos and sex! I miss old Nora who was shallow as me. I'm going to lie to her like everybody else and claim to stay away from boys because i always date ones that try and kill her but we know thats not going to happen hah! I'll end up screwing up something in your life but im SUCH a good friend!

Patch: I'll protect you from your evil daddy. I'll wipe your memory clean cause thats going to protect you like that edward cullen did leaving you in the forest with vampires. This is just like that. Oh and of course I'll leave out Marcie too, even though we just kissed we cant have you knowing about that. Don't worry when you get your memory back I'll just lie and say Oh what that thing? Psshh old news. I won't tell you about our breakup. We were always happy in love and everybody else doesnt matter. Look at my sexy abs and muscles, isnt that enough for you baby? Yea...Yea I know it is. Smirk Smirkity Smirk.

Hank Millar: Im so badass nobody can kill me. I have an army and my daughter sucks but oh no i might get killed now. So I gotta have her run my army. Think I'll turn her Nephilim because that totally makes sense in my plans. I really pretend I sacrificed a lot for her at the end even though I got her into a car accident and try to kill her mom. Ya I'm not so bad.

That's pretty much all the characters I despised said. Hank Millar I can't lie actually made the book bearable. Can I say that? I guess I just did. Truth be told there have been worse villans. I still don't like the whole mythology its got more plotholes than cheese it isn't even funny makes no sense whatsoever.

I also didn't care much for the army of Nephilim versus Fallen Angels which is basically the whole plotline for this book. That says enough as it is right? It was more interesting then the romance between Nora & Patch however I don't even want to get into it because I'm pretty sure I'll pop a blood vessel. Patch lies. Nora doesn't ask enough questions. We still don't know that much about him. However I did like the end of the book (black with white ink nice touch) where we got to see his version of how they met. Interesting. I wish the book could be half in his view like that and half Nora's I think it would appeal to people more. It's like for me Shiver was awful but I did appreciate the colored text. Expensive but nice.

I gave this book 2 stars because even though I knew it was going to be a hot mess, I could still read through it. It's like watching a trainwreck, you know its going to happen and you know its going to be awful but you just can't pull your eyes away. It still has enough action to pull you through the end of the book. But that doesn't mean I'm a fan of the series. I'll read the fourth one when it comes out simply just to hear the ending. Let's hope its not another Cresendo. I'm sure Nora will be as annoying as ever.


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