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Scout, Atticus, and Boo by Mary McDonagh Murphy
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Oct 12, 2011

liked it

I enjoyed most the thinking about Mockingbird while I read what other people thought of it. I guess I was not a Scout person - I mean, I liked Scout, but never thought of her as the focus of the book, the main character...but did like thinking of which was my favorite character. I find I don't have a favorite of all times - usually its who I connect with whenever I read the book. Sometimes I need Calpurnia or Atticus most. Other times, I need Jem, or Miss Maudie or even Uncle Jack. If required to choose, I might select Dill - he is the outsider, the one who will try a sip of soda because he doesn't know the ways of that man, or to whom it occurs to try and make Boo Radley come out. We need Dill because he needs the ways of the town explained - as we, the readers do. Dill makes things happen. I find that an interesting choice (for me) because he is the only character (apparently) that Lee acknowledges was based on a real person.

And which section would I read outloud? I think it would be the part where she is negotiating with Atticus about reading. I love the line (paraphrased from memory) that she never knew she loved reading until it was going to be taken away. One does not love breathing.

I was most surprised by how obsessed people were about Lee's decision to avoid the limelight and that she never published another book. It truly never occurred to me to wonder why she hadn't published another book, nor did I think it odd that she would go back to being a regular person. I guess I am content to be an anonymous consumer of wonderful books - I want the authors to be happy and healthy in the same way I try to wish all people well, but I don't particularly need to know the details of their lives.

I think I enjoyed most the interview with Mary Tucker - a good one to read.

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