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Better Off Undead by D.D. Barant
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Oct 11, 2011

really liked it

DD Barant's latest in the Bloodhound Files was totally amazing! Better off Undead is probably gonna be my fave in the series so far! My mind was a little fuzzy on the details of last time, but I was quickly immersed into the plot and story of this book!

Jace is thrust into yet another case, but this time it doesn't involve Stoker, the serial killer she was asked to bring in. This time Tair, the man who was once Dr. Pete, is on the loose and helping another criminal. It's a little complicated to explain, yet it wasn't hard to grasp while reading. There's a lot of crime in Thropirelem it seems, enough to keep Jace busy.

This time around Jace gets bit by a werewolf. Yup, telling you now that it happens, because it was something that happened fairly early on. So now her mission, besides trying to catch the bad guy, is to figure out what she's going to do. There's no cure, but Cassius knows of a possible experiment that may or may not work to help cure her, except it involves some dicey things!

Don't want to get too much into the storyline on that front, so cutting myself off! But it got pretty exciting in the last three chapters or so. Before that it was sort of exciting, it was entertaining, yet it wasn't til near the end that things became heart-pounding exciting!

It definitely made for an interesting book! Jace is starting to get used to Thropirelem, almost thinking of it as a home away from home. She's making friends and fitting in. I like her character development in this manner, it just seems real.

It was a decent read in the end! Sometimes things got a little complex when it came to some scientific matters, but it didn't totally detract from the story. Just made it harder to comprehend some of aspects to the events. But I got the overall idea out of it!

Overall rating 3.5/5 stars

Definitely can't wait to read the next one, Back from the Undead, that comes out March 27, 2012!

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