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So Over You by Kate Meader
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it was amazing

I never had a thing for Russian heroes in romance novels. Yes, in case you didn't know, just like the French lovers or the Texan cowboys, Russian heroes are a thing in romance.
But see, they often are part of Russian mob and completely batshit crazy. I'm perfectly aware there's a readership for them... Just not my thing or maybe I've read the wrong books. (feel free to send your recs!)

Anywaaay, I finished 'So Over You' by Kate Meader a couple days ago and absolutely ADORED it. The hero is Russian, but so far away from the cliché, he's to swoon for, he's stubborn and the brooding type, yes, he does have this frozen Siberian cold demeanor about him... but it's just a facade, see, the man is the sweetest ever. Everything about him was perfection.
And because English is not his first language, I truly loved his manner of speech, very... proper and dated. Imagine him talk like a Duke from a historical romance would.
And when he switches to Russian... Sigh. This a new thing for me. I got turned on by Vadim talking Russian!

So, the hero is pretty much perfect—IMO— but what about the heroine? Isobel Chase is not only a perfect match for him, she is snarky, independent and just... real. The banter between them is hilarious and entertaining, the chemistry blazing and the steam... WOW.

The premise for this book goes against romance and erotica standards, as the hero failed to give her the big O during their first time together 8 years ago.
So this is a second chance at love, an enemies to lovers trope and romance at work as well. The execution is perfect, hte character development really complex, I enjoyed Vadim storyline and Isobel's emotional hang ups.

If you like sport romance and hockey, this one is a must read.
If you're not into sports it doesn't even matter, for the experience that was Vadim Petrov and all his Russian endearments, Isobel Chase and all her snarky retorts, For the animosity and tension between them, for the perfect, hot, playful sex scene... YOU. MUST. READ. THIS BOOK.

Book 1 in this series is also a great read and I had the chance to read book 3 (releases March 2018) which is a M/M and just saying... You should have it on pre-order... HAWT. Now I can't wait to get my hands on book 4, it should be about the third sister, Violet, and Bren... A tortured single dad of two... MINE.

(giveaway on my FB ended a few days ago. Be on the look out for more!)

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