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A Midsummer Night's Sin by Kasey Michaels
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Robin Goodfellow “Puck” Blackthorn was named by his actress mother after the mischievous trickster from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Living up to his namesake, Puck lives in the moment and embraces all of the pleasures life has to offer, from parties to women to fine clothes to scheming and adventure. His ridiculous facade hides a clever and wily nature, however, and when he is called upon to rescue a damsel in distress, he cannot resist the drama of it all.

Regina Hackett has lived her entire life knowing that she was nothing more than a commodity for her wealthy merchant father — she’s to be married off in exchange for a title to whomever her father chooses, and she must guard her person and her reputation in order to ensure that nothing could come between her and the “perfect” social match.

When her cousin is kidnapped from a scandalous masquerade ball that neither of them should have been attending, however, she turns to the rakish Puck, with whom she had shared a deliciously forbidden kiss only moments earlier.

Though they both know that it is an impossible fantasy to dream of a happy ending together, Regina and Puck must rely on each other to find her cousin before it is too late, and to deny their passions before they are both ruined.

Puck is currently my favorite “non-alpha” hero of historical romance. How can you not love a man who so obviously finds joy in everything? Living up to his nickname, observing Puck is rather like watching a child’s mischievous enjoyment in being naughty and not being able to keep from smiling about it.

Regina was wonderful as well — spoiled, a bit cynical, and prone to self-pity, she’s also surprisingly resourceful, loyal, and clever.

The entire plot with the cousin’s disappearance was both heartbreaking and full of excitement, and I really enjoyed how Regina’s character developed over the course of the novel.

I am, of course, excited for the sequel as well.

Overall, Puck made this story. He’s charming, witty, cunning. and beautiful, and despite circumstances of his existance that would have made most other men bitter and cynical, he truly embraces everything that life has to offer. I utterly and absolutely adored him.

5/5 stars.

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Gaby Is it on NetGalley? I can't find it :s

Jess the Romanceaholic It was, but they might have pulled it -- there's usually a limit on the number of copies. Email Lisa from Harlequin -- she might be able to send you widget access..

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