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Demon Girl by Penelope Fletcher
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Oct 10, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: nook-lendable, 2011, young-adult

I wanted to like this book, i really did, but i found myself contemplating abandoning reading it multiple times. this storyline has incredible potential, with an interesting twist to paranormal romance, but the character development was flat. I found myself calling the main character "a whore" multiple times and wondering why she always needs men to "save her" or to feel "complete." I would not want my daughters to read this kind of book because it sends the wrong type of message to our youth.

further, the storyline was choppy and left me feeling as if i was missing something significant. this was further compounded by the fact that the writing was atrocious. the writing appears to be about anywhere in the lower middleschool level. sentence structure is simple. but then to confuse matters more, the writer would occasionally season her drab prose with $100 words, which seemed to serve no other purpose than boast that the writer can define and successfully use them. Ms. Fletcher, you may have fooled some, but i have difficulty classifying your writing as more than mediocre.

i understand that this book can be categorized in the "indie" category, and that is fine, but indie does not mean that you need to forgo an editing process. there were so many grammatical errors and typos that it interfered with the story. instead of being enthralled by the story, i was left with a hurting brain as i tried to decipher what the writer was intending in sentences laden with double negatives and frequently missing prepositions.

in my rating system, 1 star is for books that are so horrible that i cannot finish. 2 stars are finished books that i would not recommend to others.

there is a sequel to this book, and i intend to attempt reading it, but i am praying that fletcher's writing improved between installments. Like i said before, the storyline shows incredible promise. i WANT to know what happens to the characters next. i just dont want to waste more time reading something that makes my brain hurt.

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