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Until by Anna B. Doe
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it was amazing

Anna B. Doe writes beautifully and absolutely believably. I loved everything about “Until”, and I cannot wait for the next in her New York Knights series. Flawlessly executed and perfectly written!

My first reads of Anna B. Doe’s were the books in this series, New York Knights, book 1 “Lost & Found” and then book 2 “Until”. I absolutely loved her story lines, characters, and the genuine believability of it in its entirety. The first two books in this series tied together perfectly. I would encourage a reader to read this in order, as a series, specifically because of character development in the storyline and some of the details surrounding the characters and their lives. The first book lays a lot of the foundation for the reader of the characters, how they all tie together, and then each book delves a little deeper into each of the characters’ stories.

Without giving away too much, I will speak generally about book 2, “Until”. “Until” is JD and Sienna’s story and follows much of their rollercoaster relationship that started to unfold in book 1, “Lost & Found”. JD is a professional football player, has not had especially good luck in the relationship department, most of his encounters with women are quick hookups or one-night stands, but none of that really bothers him much. He doesn’t want to settle down yet, he doesn’t necessarily want to fall in love either, but he does like a good time and a hookup every now and then. Sienna is a model JD has known for some time. They were in some photo shoots together, involving his football team, and they became friendly. Like JD, Sienna isn’t really much into a tied down relationship. She often travels for photo shoots, just has a busy career and doesn’t have or want much of a commitment or be tied down to anyone for any length of time. They hooked up in “Lost & Found” and remained friendly, but it wasn’t anything serious. But they do find something in the other that seems it could lead to more. Unfortunately, they think something could be there, but they just aren’t sure if it’s a good idea to pursue any further than a friends with benefits relationship. Besides both of their focus being primarily on themselves and their careers, neither of them can really trust being in a relationship. Like I said, most of the “relations” they have had in their lives were quick, one-night stands, and that was satisfaction enough. So, not wanting a committed relationship seems like the best idea for both of them. As well, they each have their own baggage, secrets, and trust issues. And until they can learn to trust one other, first in trusting themselves, they don’t know if a relationship between them would ever work.

One of the things I most enjoyed about Anna B. Doe’s books was her ability to describe her characters in such great detail and set the scene for the reader. She doesn’t do it by writing a ton of useless, extra wording. It is very succinct, detailed, helpful, and masterfully crafted to be able to learn about her characters, build and develop their lives and relationships, and it helped form my opinions early on about each character. I also loved her ability to tie everything together so well, whether it was how her characters knew one another, the events they were involved in, their individual lives; I felt like I knew their stories so well because it was crafted so perfectly and tied up so well. I am extremely excited to read more in this series, as well as picking up other books by Anna B. Doe. I was extremely impressed with her skill, ability, and the tremendous thought she put into each of these books. They read seamlessly from “Lost & Found” to “Until”, and I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for these characters or new ones to come along. Flawlessly executed and perfectly written!

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