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Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz
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Oct 10, 2011

liked it

I read this book a long time back and I don't even remember the character's names to be honest. Anyways, I think the book was more like a story out of a dramatic movie. It was predictable. But there was action. The book wasn't slow and there were some parts which I did like. The female lead was a strong character. Although she wasn't a kick ass fighter or anything and she wasn't even meant to be, but she did hold up pretty well during the end, when her life was in extreme danger. The bad guy of this book, I can't recall the names as I already mentioned, was a bit too intense. His idea of taking revenge was cynical, but hey, the story demanded that the girl had to die and be parted from her love from so many lost generations as soon as she found it, so why should I complain? The whole flickering street lamps and everything being some sorta danger signals, as said according to the female lead's best witch friend, whom I found cryptic all the time, was somehow not justified to me. Okay, I know that it was her dead brother trying to warn her and everything, but all those street lamps just bursting out when she was alone was not a good way to warn your own sister when it just scared the crap outta her. I have read many other books with a more captive storyline so the book will only get a 3 star from me.

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