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The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle
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May 13, 2008

really liked it
Recommended for: Sarah Messer, Hillary, Erin, Susan

Reasons why Aryn Kyle and I will one day braid each others' hair:

1. I am currently growing my hair out and she already (judging from her ultra-adorable author photo) has long hair.

2. We both like horseys and place is important in our writing (for me, the South; for her, the West)

3. Our work has so many resonantingly similar themes that when I finished The G of A, I put the book down and sobbed - because the end of the book is sad, sure, but also because I suddenly wondered why the hell I was working on a book (a thesis actually) that feels as though it's now been written and yes, is apparently better than anything I could write.

4. Like most of my good friends, I started out unimpressed (with the book, and to be honest, with the way she spells her name ("Erin" spelled A-r-y-a-n ?!?)) but then - after returning to the book after putting it aside for a few weeks - I powered through it, found it compelling and interesting and smart and sad and then wanted to be best friends with the author. Sigh.

5. The chick got reviewed in People Magazine. Wow. Even my mom reads People Magazine.

6. She has boarders, horses, horse-death, weird relationships with guys, mother-issues, and even a freakin' marine show up by the end. F**k. That was basically the premise of my thesis. I think I should quietly retire.

7. Thanks to Berliner, who listened to me whine about this and told me that all writers struggle with the issues of what to write and why to write it and who would want to read it. Which of course, he put it all sarcastically and since my sarcaso-meter is about as screwed up as my gaydar, I didn't get and got all snivelly, he finally had to be nice and supportive. He's awesome. He also pointed out that this chick and me have weird names.
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