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Death Masks by Jim Butcher
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Oct 09, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: angels, fantasy, horror, humour, mystery, supernatural, witches, weres-shifters, vampires, fae-fairies, demons
Read in October, 2013


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Quotes Lisa Liked

Jim Butcher
“It came charging toward me, several hundred pounds of angry-looking monster, and I did the only thing any reasonable wizard could have done.
I turned around and ran like hell.”
Jim Butcher, Death Masks

Jim Butcher
“How long have you been a Wiccan?'
'A what?'
'A pagan. A witch.'
'I'm not a witch,' I said, glancing out the door. 'I'm a wizard.'
Sanya frowned. 'What is the difference?'
'Wizard has a Z'
He looked at me blankly.
'No one appreciates me.' I muttered.”
Jim Butcher, Death Masks

Jim Butcher
“Do you really think you can win?'
'Yeah. Hell, Ortega is only the third or fourth most disturbing thing I've tangled with today.'
'But even if you do win, what does it change?'
'Me getting kiilled now. That way, I get to be killed later tonight instead.'
- Susan Rodriguez & Harry Dresden, Death Masks, Jim Butcher”
Jim Butcher, Death Masks

Jim Butcher
“...The next time I opened my eyes, I was in the morgue.
This, all by itself, is enough to really ruin your day.
I was lying on the examining table, and Butters, complete with his surgical gown and his tray of autopsy instruments, stood over me.
'I'm not dead!' I sputtered. 'I'm not dead!'
- Harry Dresden, Death Masks, Jim Butcher”
Jim Butcher, Death Masks

Jim Butcher
“Mister Dresden," he said. "And Miss Rodriguez, I believe. I didn't realize you were an art collector."
"I am the foremost collector of velvet Elvii in the city of Chicago," I said at once.
"Elvii?" Marcone inquired.
"The plural could be Elvises, I guess," I said. "But if I say that too often, I start muttering to myself and calling things 'my precious,' so I usually go with the Latin plural.”
Jim Butcher, Death Masks

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