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David und Juna by Thomas Thiemeyer
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did not like it
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I bought this book after middle school to practice my shitty german and finally read it like six years later, and boy do I regret giving it my money. Want an exciting dystopian and post apocalyptic adventure set in Europe? Well fuck you take 460 pages of homophobia instead.

The book starts with explaining how because of a virus men and women now hate each other. I can usually overlook some pretty laughable world building in YA dystopia (coughdivergentcough) but this book pissed me of royally and I'm gonna sin everything about it. This world building is stupid and it does nothing to explain how said virus works, or how it somehow fucked up electricity and other modern technology and left humanity in the dark ages.

Anyway. This is, supposedly, a love story. I say supposedly because the two love birds, Juna and David, don't even meet until halfway through the book, and once they do it's the worst kind of insta love. They have one conversation and suddenly they've gotten over a lifetime of hating the other gender and are also prepared to betray most everyone they know for each other.

This is also, supposedly, a love triangle. Because Juna has a girlfriend named Gwen. I don't think even the book counts it as an actual love triangle though, Gwen is just kinda there to show how much BETTER and more ROMANTIC a straight relationship is. Juna starts having second thoughts about her and Gwen's relationship, and then, without ever telling Gwen about these thoughts, starts making out with David after like a day and then runs off with him. Gwen was never even in the game.

Also book 2 is called Logan und Gwen, so I don't think I'm too far off if I guess that she's gonna get paired up with a guy too. Because writing a wlw relationship literally just to break them up and stick them both with guys instead isn't gross att all.

I'm not done sinning this book yet, oh no. Let's talk about the villains.

There's this unfortunate thing in both books and movies where villains tend to be queer coded, or horribly disfigured, or sometimes both, while the heroes are pretty and straight and the embodiement of their gender. I can mostly forgive this, awful as it is (even the lunar chronicles has a horribly disfigured antagonist). But I said I'd sin everything about this book and by god I will.

There are two major villains. One is horribly burned (the book never miss a chance to mention how disgusting the other characters find him. i'm sure readers with scars appreciate that) and the other is missing an eye. The one without an eye, Amon, also happens to have a thing for David. At the end he makes it clear how PERVERTED he finds it that David chose a WOMAN over him.

The book is also, while I'm at it, really boring. There are lots of unnecesary passages that could have been cut (David spends like half a chapter restoring old books).

I don't know what more to say. This book is shitty, don't give it your money.
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