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Unsaid by Neil Abramson
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Oct 09, 2011

it was amazing
Read in October, 2011

What does it really mean to "communicate"? Do animals have "rights"? Can really intelligent ones be considered conscious beings? Author Neil Abramson takes these ideas and many more as the basis for this beautiful story.
Helena Colden, a veterinarian who lives in a rural area with her lawyer husband David not all that far from New York City, is the story's narrator. I don't want to say too much, but this book is, among other things, very spiritual. The way Mr. Abramson sets up and lets the story unfold is wonderful. I know there are some readers who just don't buy into certain things, so you will have to decide for yourself.
Helena is the kind of person who completely immerses herself in the lives of animals. She is one of those who seems to relate to them easier than she does to other people. You may know people like this. YOU may be like this. David is the kind of man who is completely buried in his work to the point that he has tuned-out most of the outside world. So if you are guessing this is a story about how people grow and become better, you are right.
Neil Abramson does a marvelous job of setting up scenes and populating the story with characters that will haunt you and tear your heart out. A few scenes and passages are so profound you may stop just to take them in or even re-read. Ideas connect on many levels, and your own life experience will influence how you react to this story. If you are the no-nonsense scientific type, some of what takes place and is said will give you pause. Even the title "Unsaid" has many connections. I admit that the story line ends up being a little too contrived, but that took nothing away from it for me. If this book even seems a little interesting to you, read it. You won't be sorry.
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