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Thinking Fragments by Jane Flax
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my advisor loves this book and talks about how smart this lady is. i don't doubt that she's brilliant--but i cannot understand what my advisor thinks is so great about this book. to me, it seems sloppy. lots of "poststructuralist" or "postmodern" theorists get pushed together, as though they represent a consistent, coherent school of thought. and the psychoanalysis stuff... i just don't get it. psychoanalysis is pseudoscience. while i can see that it was influential in the development of ideas, i do not see why people continue to turn to it as a theory of how the mind works when we actually have empirically tested theories of how the mind works. and there's also a general paucity of citations. she makes all the claims about what the "postmodernists" believe, but there are almost no references. when that's coupled with, what seems to me, an inaccurate reading of foucault, it's just too much for me to handle.

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