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did not like it

I know a one is pretty harsh, but in my defense, I wanted to like this book. But I can honestly say that I just didn't. I read about half the book and then skimmed the rest of it because those who have read it rated it really well so I was hoping it would change my mind. It didn't.

I felt this book was very poorly written. I broke my rant up into sections because for someone who didn't thoroughly finish the book, I already have a lot to say about it. Overall, I felt it had a 1) cliche and faulty concept; 2) choppy transitions and relationships; and 3) a lot of misused words.

Cliche & Faulty Concept

First of all, this book is starting out really cliche. There's a girl with something different about her. She's dumped at a boarding school in Massachusetts (surprised, surprise). She enters class and on the first day and sees HIM and of course, he despises her for no apparent reason.

With the whole witch concept, I kept thinking, "Did I miss something?" The only reason why I knew Katy was a witch is being the summary told me so. The book started out saying she knew there was something different about her when she was 16 years old. I figured they were going to tell us when she got this revelation and whether it was before the book started or that was part of the story.

But it didn't do either. Instead Hattie starts doing magic, and Katy starts talking about spells in the kitchen scene like it was a normal thing. I had no idea how this even came about. I found out later that she didn't know she was special. But it was all odd to me that she accepted all the spells and everything like it was nothing out of the ordinary.

For someone who doesn't know anything about her history, she was sure accepting of everything that was going on and how she was able to pick up spells out of nowhere and teach and explain to Peter.

And I can't really comment on the end because I didn't understand it enough to say anything much. I didn't make a lot of sense. I'm not sure if I missed a lot when I skimmed it, but I'm still not sure what happened with the darkness. I know "love" not magic was what conquered it, and from the ending, I know the darkness is still around "waiting." But I'm not exactly sure how it was expunged from Eric and how Katy was brought back.

Choppy Transitions & Relationships

Once I got past that, I tried to enjoy the book as much as I could, but the storyline was just all over the place. We jump from one scene to the next with abrupt stops, flips and complete 180s. The transition of one scene to the next is very choppy, and the relationships of the people from one sentence to the next is very choppy.

For instance, Katy and Peter's hot-cold relationship. In most books, authors go through a chapter or two for it to jump back and forth. Here, it's literally a sentence or two. You will have scenes, where he's back and forth and back and then back to forth again, all in a matter of sentences. Not only does it starts choppy, but it stays choppy. You know he's hiding something, but their relationships is so disconcerting.

It's hot-cold, and even when they're getting along, you don't really connect to their relationship. The lines are cheesy, their reactions are abrupt. At times, Peter will say something, or "his eyes fill," and I'm left thinking, "Really?!?" I LOVE romantic guys, but Peter is beyond sappy. I felt his reaction was just overdramatized at times. I'm not sure how else to explain it, but the whole relationship just seems off, and I can't really put my finger on it. It's too dramatic and frustrating to read.

Wrong Word Usage

Oftentimes, I felt Cochran's use of words bugged me, like she was trying to find the right word to use and couldn't think of it.

There was a part where Peter and Katy were looking through some miniatures in the house, and Peter demonstrated one. The book says: "I wasn't impressed. 'Cute, but what's the point of it?' I sneered." Peter then admits it's pretty useless. I don't think sneered was the right word to use there. She wasn't trying to be condescending in a malicious way, and I don't think that comment was supposed to be said that way.

Also there was a part in there that a small party saw an island that belongs to Peter's family. Right after Peter says it's not anymore, the book says: “'Peter was disinherited,' Becca screeched. She leaned in close to me so that no one else would hear her in the wind. 'I guess you scholarship kids like to stick together.'” I'm sorry, but unless Becca was surprised and this was news to her, I don't picture her "screeching" this statement.

There were other parts of the book where I thought words were just misused, either Cochran looked then up in a thesaurus or she couldn't figure out the word and just picked the first word that came to mind.

Other Problems

There were other things that bothered me in the book, but since I didn't read the second half well enough, I don't think it would be fair to comment. But those were the highlights of my main concerns.

At this point, I'm not sure if there will be a sequel, but I don't think I'll be reading beyond this book if there is a sequel.
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