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I, Partridge by Alan Partridge
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Oct 08, 2011

really liked it
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A-hah! Finally, Norwich's most inescapable talk show host has released a biography that shines a light on one of one of history's most underrated and misunderstood broadcasters. (1) True—his notoriety rests almost entirely on the fact that during the last minutes of the last show of his BBC2 series, Knowing Me, Knowing You, With Alan Partridge (2), he shot and killed one of his guests. After that bombshell (3), what the BBC overlooked, as Alan Partridge points out in his scathing exposé, is that in none of the previous five episodes, no one got shot at all. (4)

The fictional Alan Partridge was one of the UK's most infamous and funny forerunners in the Comedy of Discomfort epitomized later by the original version of The Office. He's also one of its most long-lived, having survived a roller-coaster career that hit rock-bottom during a debilitating Toblerone addiction, and soared to heights attainable only by judicious use of a sturdy stepladder. Peppered with the wry humor that made his radio and television outings so successful, I, Partridge is a must-read for fans of Alan, though it might be incomprehensible to anyone unfamiliar with his several series.

Do not skip the footnotes, which are as amusing as the text itself.

(1) Himself, if that wasn't clear.
(2) Also known as KMKYWAP, as Alan pointed out to a guest who immediately told him that his name was an anagram of 'Anal Prat Dirge.' Ungrateful lot, those guests.
(3) Not literally.
(4) Insulted, yes. But shot, no.

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