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The Royal We by Heather Cocks
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it was ok
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2/5 Stars

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan is a contemporary romance about Rebecca Porter who is an American studying at Oxford to finish her degree in British History but wants to draw more than anything. Rebecca or Bex as people like to call her is like any normal college student, who doesn’t want a fairytale life, she just wants to get done with school with no issues. This all changes while she learns that she is living down the hall from a handsome English man named Nick who she later learns is actually Prince Nicholas, Great Britain’s future King. Bex meets Nick the night when she gets to her hall and later ends up learning that they have a lot in common, more than Bex originally thought. This turn into a very innocent romance that goes public very quickly and Bex isn’t ready for the spotlight to be on her. Since Bex is still a college student she wants to be able to have a life without the watchful eyes of cameras and learn how to be herself away from Nick. The tabloids following everything she does doesn’t help the situation and makes Bex more aware of how she is perceived by people in the world. Things get worse when Bex becomes aware of rumors about her now boyfriend with ex girlfriends and how Nick changes when they are in public. Bex begins to learn that if you love the man you learn to love the crown but she isn’t sure if she can do that to herself. Knowing that she wants a career and a life, Bex isn’t sure if she can sacrifice that for the man she loves.

I ended up finding this book while searching through Goodreads and the summary really had me hooked. I ended up at a bookstore where I found it for a bargain and knew I needed to have it. I have always been super excited to watch movies about royalty or royal weddings and figured this book would be the same. The other thing that peaked my interest was the very fairytale kind of story and sometimes you just need those in your life. I know those kinds of stories really take me away from the bad points in my life and they end up making me very happy. Bex ended up as my favorite character as she was very similar to myself. She was super shy but also very confident in herself and always knew what she wanted in life. Bex was never really one for a fairytale romance, which I appreciated because she wasn’t looking for love when she found it. I have the very similar mindset of I will find someone when it happens because my happiness and career will always come before a guy.

Nick was a very normal guy that everyone became friends with in college because of his very likeable personality. This is why soon after they met, Bex and Nick became very close and learned that they actually have a specific show in common. This leads to watching episodes together and having a lot of inside jokes very early in their friendship. Bex knew who he was from the very beginning and didn’t care about any of his fame or fortune, which was very different for Nick. When he was faced with the public eye he became the person his family wanted and not the person he friends wanted him to be. Nick became something none of his friends or Bex wanted when his family and the press was around. Nick and Bex ends up getting caught in public together and that’s when his family decides they want to meet her. This situation also doesn’t go well because the family doesn’t think she is good enough to be with their son.

I had high hopes for this one when I picked it up and it ended up on the top of my to read pile very quickly. The length of the novel is what peaked my interest because they always seem to stop right when I want more. This novel disappointed me though for a couple of reasons and I was upset that I didn’t end up liking it more. Although I like longer novels this one seemed to go on longer than it needed to and became very predictable. Since I was quick to figure out where this one was going it just ended up becoming a very long and drawn out story that I didn’t have a real connection to. Although I was excited to meet the characters I ended up only having a real connection with Bex and some of her experiences. This disappointed me because I wanted to love all the characters and I just didn’t end up having a connection with them as I usually do in this genre. Even though I didn’t like this as I much as I thought, I don’t regret reading this at all. This novel was able to make me laugh even when I was going through a rough time in my life and it ended up giving me a reason to smile.

Cocks and Morgan took on an always talked about subject and put a twist on it. Putting an American in the place of what usually is till very recently a British commoner as the love interest for the Prince I think was very bold choice. I would recommend this novel to anyone that wants a story about a royal romance. It’s very rare that someone of royalty will find an average girl and it doesn’t help that these romances don’t always go as planned. I think that’s what made me love Bex more, she was able to see that she wanted love but her own life at the same time. Being in the spotlight isn’t what some people want and when you are kind of forced into it sometimes that’s what changes people. Bex could see what was changing Nick and knew she wanted to find the man she fell in love with and not the man that was in front of the cameras.
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Lola Oh god, this is re-read week for me, and this is one I DNF'd, but you what, I think in this case it's really the book, not us :)

Kelley Lola wrote: "Oh god, this is re-read week for me, and this is one I DNF'd, but you what, I think in this case it's really the book, not us :)"

I would say try and finish it! It was worth it to actually figure out what happened at the end, it just took them awhile to get there.

message 3: by Rachel (new) - added it

Rachel Aranda I’m sorry this book didn’t wow you like you hoped it would. Great review!

Lily There are so many factual errors in the first two sentences, I can't make myself read more.

Lily "Piqued" your interest. Not "peaked" . I read the damn thing, and literally none of that is correct! Dumb stuff like the TV show. Nick never saw it, Bex had it on after the Glug. It PIQUED his interest and they started watching it together. She did not meet his family after they were outed at Klosters, that actually is important. SIGH!

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