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In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks
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As reviewed for Read Our Lips! Book Blog

Finally! I get to review a Highlander book for the blog, and what a good one! Maya Banks writing is as sensual, plot driven and alpha-male as ever. There may be no genre she can’t tackle. I love Highlander books because it tells of a people who considering the time that they lived in, did very well despite harsh conditions. They were self-sufficient, learned and determined. They believed in family, clan and bedsport (not necessarily in that order).

As we begin the book, Mairin Stuart, illegitimate princess but highly coveted for her enormous dowry, is being kept in hiding at a convent. When a rag-tag group of ne’er-do-well’s bust into the convent looking for “Mairin Stuart” and start breaking Mother Serenity’s fingers, Mairin reveals herself to the goons. Mairin has great courage of heart, but standards too, and there are any number of men wanting to spirit her away to lay claim to her dowry and the land that her first heir will inherit, Neamh A’lainn, the most beautiful and prosperous land in the whole country. Cameron Duncan is the man who has stopped at nothing to find her and who chose to send the mercenaries after her. They spirit her away with no difficulty.

Just by happenstance, along the way Mairin’s abductors pick up a small boy named Crispin and plan to ransom him back to his family. Mairin takes to Crispin like a lioness to her cub. She protects him over her own well being. It was then that she wormed her way into my heart. Crispen is so strong and honorable for a little boy, worried that paying a ransom would hurt his clan. He promises Mairin that he will take her to his home and his Papa will protect her.

After a few twists and turns, a pit stop in Cameron Duncan’s evil lair, and a beating that nearly cost her her life, Mairin and Crispin escape. Luckily, Crispin’s Uncle Alaric finds them and brings them home to the McCabe keep. There are three McCabe Brothers ladies! All scrumptious, all strong, all capable, and then some! When they first ride into the keep, there is of course a misunderstanding about who stole Crispin, but the boy sticks to her like glue, telling his Papa that he promised to protect her and a McCabe always keeps his word. If you don’t fall in love with this little boy, you have no heart. He is so wonderful to read; vibrant, funny, sweet, affectionate, kind and selfless. He is whole hearted in every endeavor – clearly a McCabe trait.

Eventually, Ewan realizes that if Mairin marries him, the funds from her dowry will save his clan from the harsh winter upon them and convinces Mairin that he is the lesser of two evils. Mairin is not immune to Ewan’s charms, but does not want a marriage based on her dowry. I just adore the way Banks has written Mairin. She makes many mistakes and wrong assumptions, is strong willed and even stronger tempered, but she has great courage, grace, and fortitude. She has such heart. She grows to love the McCabe clan and they love her. She is sort of like Lucille Ball on ‘I Love Lucy”.

Ewan McCabe is a Warrior laird with a heart of gold. He wants what’s best for his family and clan. He is everything to his clan; hunter, trainer, protector, healer, judge, and psychologist rolled into one. The author does a great job of showing how he spreads himself thin to make sure no one is cold or goes hungry and that they are ready for battle at a moment’s notice.

The cast of characters that make up the people of the clan will make you laugh so much sometimes, you’ll forget that this is an erotic romance. (Don’t worry, it’s very erotic). Like when Mairin goes to Maddie and the girls for sex advice since all of her wifely teaching came from Mother Serenity! Hahaha! Or when she tells that Ewan kisses the wrong way because you shouldn’t use tongues. So funny!

There is so much plot in this great book, it’s hard to cover it all, but I’ve only touched the surface. I love that Banks balances the details of life at that time with the need to move the plot along. Not all Highlander books fare so well. I wasn’t bored a moment reading this book and you won’t be either! It’s very carnal and steamy, but there is such deep feeling that goes along with every encounter, it’s very moving. Recommended read.
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