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Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer
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Oct 07, 2011

Why i think Calla and Ren should be together!

In the first book, at the end when Calla and Shay were about to leave and Ren found out he didnt stop them he actually let her go even tho he knew she was going off with Shay. He did it for her knowing that he was going to be in trouble. i think thats true love. .

And Shay

he gets mad when she brings up Ren . he doesnt even like the fact she is helping Ren. but he has no problem knowing that calla gets in trouble helping him.

that is not true love!
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TheLoupGaroux It's not true love to pressure your abused girlfriend into having sex with you, especially when her entire pack is being tortured and slaughtered. Oh, and to want to have sex with her the day she was sexually assaulted by the boy that was tortured for helping him escape. I don't think Ren is perfect, that's the point. Shay is supposed to be 'perfect' I think, and it annoys me so much because he doesn't respect boundaries. He is the guy that says he is a "nice guy" so why won't she have sex with me, b/c I'm so Nice I Deserve it. wtf. ughgfhh grr. lol.

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Nisha agreed :)

message 3: by Team (new)

Team Jack Townsend Yes. I dont like Shay either. He's just an annoying little jerk who thinks that he's soo great and that Calla should love him. He gets mad at her when she brings up Ren or the fact that he's still a part of her life and a little part still loves him. I am Team Ren all the way! <3 I love Ren! :)

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Mel Shay's In love with calla!! Ofcorse hes gonna get jealous!

TheLoupGaroux Jealousy =/= love. When you love someone, you should trust them. You should respect their feelings. (just saying)

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