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Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanen
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Oct 07, 2011

liked it
bookshelves: chicklit

While I liked this book and story for the most parts, some parts struck me as quite odd. But I guess that is a good thing in a book, where cookie cutter gets a little boring sometimes (that is why I have network TV!). This book starts out simply enough with a story I have read about times and time again, but then veered off into the strange. And I don't know if in a good way, but definitely different.

Man and Women are high school sweethearts who got married in college, while struggling hard. Man makes his millions and Women has a job too, but she spends a lot of time just being a "rich man's wife" too. They are not getting along too well and one day the Man drops almost dead, but survives. He vows to change his life and he wants to give away all the money he has made and the woman just goes bonkers over this. The book flashes back to her growing up when we find out her father had a really bad gambling problems and pretty much screwed her and her mother over, so we are made to think because of that she is just looking out for her finances? But if she works and they have tons and tons of money, why would she care that her husband wants to give most, if not all away? Sure they have a lot of shit now, but who’s to say that couldn't live on less? It was just a very odd way around the problem. And are we supposed to feel bad for the Woman because I sure as shit did not and felt like she was being a spoiled brat about the whole thing. The ending, while not the biggest of shockers, was decent, so I am going to not spoil it here. But mygod, the women was just the most annoying thing ever.

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