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Royally Endowed by Emma Chase
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it was amazing
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So let's talk about how much I absolutely loved every amazing word of this book. Royally Endowed was the perfect romance. It made me swoon, it made me melt, it gave me such distinctive and memorable characters, and through it all it had me rooting like crazy for every bit of what these two were sharing together. Emma Chase once again created a love story that was vibrant, vivid, full of humor and fun, and that had me chomping at the bit for more of it all as I read her wonderful words.

Now I have loved each and every one of these books in this series, and they will all be on my top reads list for the year, but there was just something about this book and something about these particular characters that just stuck with me. What Logan and Ellie share together is so real, so tangible, and so easy to believe in. It's also so hard fought and the way that Emma Chase allows you to get every part of their story and every part of them is just everything. She gives you them from the moment they first met. She gives you them through every twist and turn over the years. She lets you see their build, feel their connection, and feel how they fight their feelings for years, yet how they also can't seem to fight them any longer in the same breath. She allows you to feel and experience how all of that build grows and grows until the inevitable explosion that will literally steal your breath away.

Emma Chase puts you in every lick of this story with Logan and Ellie as they fall for one another. She allows you to be in every breath of their story, feeling and living it all right along with them. That invests you so wholly in everything that they are sharing, and will have you loving every part of their story. You will love getting to see Ellie try to crack Logan's tough exterior. You will love getting to see Ellie come into her own and discover what she truly wants and what she's willing to fight for. You will love watching the slow burn between these two simmer and crackle and just intensify the more they're together. You will love them. You will love their personalities, and you will love how this book and their story gives you it all with them along the way.

I have to say one of my favorite aspects of reading this book was getting to be back in this world with all of the characters that make it so memorable and special. Whether It was Nicholas and Olivia, Henry and Sarah, Queen Lenora or Tommy or any of the other wonderful cast of characters, Emma Chase brings you back with them all in a way that you won't soon forget. Getting what you do with all of them and getting what they each so fantastically add to the story will have you loving this series even more and loving the world she so vividly creates. I loved getting to be a part of that and it honestly made me even more eager to get more of this world and its characters. I need and want more of them all like I need my next breath!!!

Royally Endowed is Ellie and Logan's story of trying to figure out what could be. It's about the boy from the wrong side of the tracks falling for their girl he knows is off limits. It's about love and fight and honor and loyalty, and it's about being true to who you are every step of the way. This story is one of so many moments that will melt your heart, that will set it on fire, and that will squeeze it with what these characters go through! I loved every unforgettable word of it. I loved getting to fall right along with Ellie and Logan. I loved how she tempted him, I loved how he looked at her, and I loved how that push and pull continued to grow between them. I loved their banter and personalities, and how they went back and forth with each other and the other phenomenal characters of this book. I loved that he tried to fight it, and I loved how she did everything in her power to show him that they needed to see what was going on between them.

Suffice to say, I loved this book. I loved what it made me feel. I love how it gave me a love story that touched every part of my heart, and that made me swoon something fierce. I love that it gave me two very real characters who I instantly loved and rooted for, and I loved that it just gave me more of this world that I truly can't get enough of.

Emma Chase delivered it all once again in this book. She brought her vibrant character to life in a way that I won't soon forget, and she gave it that royal flair that has made this series what it is. These books and this series are funny, vivid and full of life and personality, and deliver some incredible love stories and characters. I truly couldn't ask for more with these books and this world, and I've got my fingers crossed that there is more coming in the future because I won't ever get enough!!!

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Quotes Megan Liked

Emma Chase
“It’s my job to keep Ellie Hammond safe. All of her. Her body as well as her sweet little soul. And I’m damn good at what I do, but more than that, I want to protect her. Because she’s kind and clever, lovely and precious…and fuck… somebody has to care enough to keep that safe.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“You’re always doing this” she whispers.
“Doing what?”
“Saving me.”
I smile, just a bit. “I don’t mind.”
“Because it’s your job?” she asks.
“And because maybe, sort of, you kind of like me too? Just a little?”
A chuckle scratches my throat. “Just a little.”
She wets her lips, those eyes still holding me close.
“And maybe because, when you save me it feels like…I belong to you? Even just a tiny bit?”
I know what I should say, but I can’t bring myself to do it. She’ll never remember this anyway. So instead, I let my fingers trace her lovely face slowly, from her temple down her soft cheek to her jaw. Like I have the right to touch her. Like she belongs to me.
“That’s right, Ellie.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“You see the good in people, Ellie. You trust. That’s a good way to be, a brave way. I’ll watch more closely from now on; I’ll make sure this never happens again. You just be who you are. Leave the rest to me.”
She wipes her eyes dry. “So it’s like a…you jump, I jump, Jack and Rose kind of thing?”
“No.” I take her hand in mine, brushing my thumb against her knuckles. “You jump…and I’ll be there to catch you.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“The door opens, and Logan is holding out his hand to me.
When I touch him, when I slide my hand into his and feel his fingers wrap around mine, a mixture of thrilling electricity and warm comfort races through me. Touching him is my drug, my addition – though I try not to be a freak about it. And knowing he’s here, watching over us like a powerful, invincible guardian angel, settles my nerves and, like always, makes me feel safe and cared for. Because Logan would never let anything bad happen to any of us.
And I believe with all my heart that there’s nothing he can’t do.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Are you scared, Logan?”
Fucking terrified. Of a girl. A small, seductive, beautiful girl who could wreck me.
“I don’t get scared.”
“I scare you. With the family you grew up in, it’s understandable. This thing between us--”
“There’s nothing between us, Ellie.”
She waves her hand dismissively. “Of course there’s something between us.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“I’ll save her.
Because that’s who I am. That’s what I do. Why I’m here – the only reason I’m here.
And she belongs to me.
Ellie is mine to have and to hold. To save and keep. Forever and always.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Somebody once told me a slow-burning fire is the hottest – and it must be true. Because Logan and I are a fucking inferno.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“What I do know, what I’m sure of, is that I would die for Ellie. Kill for her, live for her. The vow echoes through me with every beat of my heart. She is the most important person in my life. She has been from the beginning, and she always will be. There will never be another.
I don’t know if I’ll be any fucking good at love. I’m not quite sure how it’s done. But for her, I’ll learn.
And I’ll do my damnedest to get it right.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“For the first time since I met him, my hero looks lost, my guardian angel has a broken wing. And I want to mend him, save him the way he’s always saved me. I want to love him until he feels found.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“I burn for you, sweet girl. I dream of you, even when I’m awake.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“It’s not my fault keys abandon me. I put them in a specific spot, so I’ll know where they are for later—and I swear to God, they sprout legs and run away. Slippery, little Houdini bastards.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Life changes us, with its twists and turns, in ways we don't always see coming. It changes what we want, what we dream, lays blessings in our hands better than anything we could've imagined.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Besides, when it’s all said and done . . . I’m still a prince and you can still kill anyone in the room with your bare fucking hands. So . . .” He taps his bottle to mine, “cheers.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“I cover a yawn with the back of my hand.
“Go on up to bed, lass.” Logan stands, brushes off his pants and picks the broom up from the floor. “I’ll finish here.”
I drag myself up too. “I thought you don’t sweep fucking floors?”
Logan winks. And, right there in that dim little coffee shop, he steals a piece of my heart forever.
“In your case, I’ll make a fucking exception.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“I got my grade back.” I slip the paper out of my pocket, holding it up. “I aced it.”
And for the first time, I say out loud, “I’m valedictorian.”
Logan gazes at the paper for a long moment. And when he takes it, I feel the brush of his finger against mine.
“Look at that,” he says with awe. “That’s brilliant. Smart girl.” His large hand moves to my shoulder, squeezing. And I feel it everywhere. Warmth tingles through me, from the top of my ears to the tips of my toes.
"Congratulations, Ellie."
My mouth stretches so far into a smile, tears spring up in my eyes. “Thanks. I just . . . I wanted to tell someone.”
Him. I wanted to tell him.
"I'm glad it was me.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Hey Logan?”
“What’s your favorite color?”
“I don’t have one.”
“Everyone has one.”
“Light or dark blue?”
Again, I answer without thought. “Light blue.”
Blearily, Ellie turns her head to me, her long lashes blinking slowly. “My eyes are light blue.”
My mind stutters for just a moment. “So they are.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Hey Logan?”
“One of these days . . . I’m going to save you back.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Then a soft voice whispers right against my ear.
“They’re already going AWOL on you, lass? You’re fucked.”
I turn to face the bold, tough Wessconian . . . and he’s so close, I can feel the heat from his hard body, see the small sprigs of stubble on that perfect, gorgeous jaw. My brain stutters, but I find the resolve to tease him.
“Dear God, Logan, are you smiling? Careful—you might pull a muscle in your face.”
And then Logan does something that melts my insides and turns my knees to quivery goo.
He laughs.
And it’s beautiful.
It’s a crime he doesn’t do it more often. Or maybe a blessing. Because Logan St. James is a sexy, stunning man on any given day. But when he laughs?
He’s heart-stopping.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
I’m so distracted by my musings, I miss her speaking my name, and for a bit, I don’t say anything at all.
“Oh well, it’ll grow back,” she says, embarrassment flushing beneath her cheeks. “Wearing a hat for the next six months won’t be so bad.”
I force the gravel from my throat. “Beautiful.”
Ellie’s eyes flick back to mine. “What?”
I hold her gaze, my tone deliberate and sure. “You look beautiful, Ellie.”
Her smile is small and seeking. “Really?”
I don’t take my eyes off her. I wouldn’t—even if I could. “Prettiest lass I’ve ever seen.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“What was awesome?” Lady Sarah Von Titebottum, Prince Henry’s fiancée, asks as she walks into the foyer, up to Henry’s side.
Henry puts his arm around her shoulders and kisses her quickly. “I was just showing Ellie the best ride in the palace.”
“You should try it, Sarah,” Ellie says.
“No.” Henry frowns, petting Sarah’s long, dark hair possessively. “No, she can’t try it. Absolutely not.”
Sarah peers up at him through her black-rimmed, round glasses. “Why can’t I?”
“You could break your bloody n—”
He stops mid-sentence, understanding blooming. He snaps his fingers and points at Nicholas, then to his own head. “Ohhh . . . I get it now. You were right.”
“I always am,” Nicholas replies.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Lady Sarah gazes at Henry’s shiny shoes, her face heartbroken. “Do you ever think . . . that perhaps you should be with—”
“Do not even think of finishing that fucking sentence,” Henry warns.
“Why not?” She lifts her chin. “It’s the truth.”
“The truth?” Henry mocks. “The truth is I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for you. I don’t know where I’d be or what I’d be doing, but I know it wouldn’t be pretty."
“He’s right, you know, Sarah.” Prince Nicholas steps over to them. “Before you, Henry was an unmitigated disaster. Reckless, spoiled, self-destructive—”
“Thank you, Nicholas,” Henry says. “I think she gets the picture.”
Nicholas smacks his brother on the back and grins cheekily. “Happy to help.”
Henry slips his hands into his pockets, rocking on his heels, telling Sarah, “I could say the same thing, you know. You don’t think I know you’d be better off with someone whose everyday life doesn’t send you reeling into a panic attack?”
Sarah shakes her head. “No, that’s not true. I could never be better off with anyone else. I would never want to be. You’re mine, Henry, and I’m keeping you.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Henry slides his hand into her hair and brings her face to his. “Go in the back with Logan and Ellie. I will take care of this.”
Sarah blinks, breathing deeply. Then she shakes her head. “No. No, I can do it. I need to, I think. Just . . . stay with me?”
Henry brushes her hair back. “Always.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“My voice becomes breathless, words slipping from my lips without a worry or thought. “Just when I think you can’t amaze me more, you show me this.”
He turns to face me, his chin dipping. “I amaze you?”
“All the time. You always have.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“You are so lying right now—holy shit!”
My voice is cold, harsh—for both our sakes.
“Ellie, I don’t feel—”
“Do you like me, Logan?”
I swallow hard. “Not like that, no.”
“That’s a lie too!” she squeaks, completely delighted. “It’s like a superpower! Is this how it feels to be you?”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Ellie . . .,” I point towards the palace. “Go to your room.”
Her eyes sparkle. “Do you want to come with me?”
Hell, yes.
“I don’t.”
Her blue gaze gentles, gliding over my face, before turning to stare out the front window with a sigh. Then, by some miracle, Ellie steps out of the car.
But before closing the door she leaves me with one giddy parting reply.
“That’s a lie too.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Later, when Henry is told he may kiss his bride, and he takes her in his arms . . . I’ve never seen such a look on a man’s face. Like he’s holding a star, a cherished, sacred piece of heaven, in his very hands.
It’s in that moment that I realize and accept—when Ellie walks down the aisle to me, and we say our vows and trade our rings . . . I’ll be looking at her in exactly the same way.
I look at her that way now.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Behind Nicholas, Henry paces back and forth, with a large open book in his hands.
“Didn’t we used to have a dungeon downstairs?” the blond prince asks his older brother.
“Could’ve sworn I found it when I was six or seven. Gave me nightmares for a week.” He points at an image in the book and smiles manically. “That device looks like it hurts—we’ll order two.”
Huh. I thought I was just teasing Ellie about the dungeon.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“I take a pull of my beer. “So it’s just that easy, then?”
Nicholas glances at me thoughtfully. “When you look at her, does the whole world just sort of . . . fade away? And she’s the only thing you see? The only thing you ever want to see?”
I smile stupidly. “Yeah . . . yeah, it’s just like that.”
“Then yes, it’s that easy.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Love isn’t a cure; it doesn’t magically solve every problem. But it makes solving those problems worth it. Love is our inspiration, our motivation . . . and our reward.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

Emma Chase
“Happy endings are for all of us.”
Emma Chase, Royally Endowed

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